Older Gay Man

Hi I am an older gay man live in Uk but nobody here seems to want to bother with me love to be able to chat with you and be really intimate with you if dont mind me being so cheeky.
I am 72 years old and only recently realised I like men much mor than women
perksjohn perksjohn
61-65, M
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im young and im interested in older

Hi I live in London UK

Hi how old are you if u don't mind me asking please


Hi I'm 35 bi but I preffer men to women I live in west Yorkshire slim attractive blue eyes blondy brown hair get in touch if u want to chat some time thanks 07749643957 I preffer older thanks x


I love exchanging stories with hot dirty minded older guys, hit me up

i would like to lick ur penis till it **** in my mouth

I'd love to chat with you John. I like intimate chat an have always been very open about myself. My name is Dave and I'm 62 years old.

Like u from India

Hi John, what part of the UK do you live, I am in london

Hi there,

I am 23 and love men in your age range, if you are interested in getting to know each other let me know

hi love. how r u

Hi, John! I am 23 years old, from Pakistan. And I shall like to get to know you.

where can we go to talk more

I am your man. I love older guys your age. They know how to treat a **** right.

Recently turned 60 and since then have scked and wnked quite a few men. Does that make me a bad person

hi john i love mature men and also in uk maybe we can have fun

Hi There. I like older men, where in UK are you?

Hi John, Sorry you live so far away. I think we could have fun together. I am 66 in good shape and like fooling around. I am not into anal sex, just too painful. I do like giving and getting head. I am not looking for a homosexual lover, rather a friend with benefits if you get my meaning. Someone to hang with and may be share a blow job from time to time. Like Kypton I have these fantasies (Likely not to be realized.) But I do keep hoping. I hope this finds you well and happy. <3

hello i just joined.i am ,65 bi but have not as yet been with a man .i would like to meet older men to experience the fantasies I i have ,in safe discrete atmosphere

Hi honey I have been with quite a few men some nice some not so but I have enjoyed being with them you say what you think without being embarrassed, I had sex with one guy but found it painful but to suck and kiss a guy its gorgeous. Hope you find someone I am from england, where are my love xx

Hi John,
I corresponded with you a few times in early 2012.
My mail ID: sanjana.roy21@yahoo.com
Later on you stopped responding. You say you have been with quite a few men. But you never narrated your experience in your mails. Though we can't share physical love (due to different continents we are living in) , we can share our experiences in mails. I am 50 years old. Currently working in Malaysia in a senior position living with my family. I am very emotional, sincere and passionate person, interested only in elderly gentlemen. For the past many years I am working in Middle East . While I was in India , I had a few secret gay (steady) affairs with my friends (very few) who were above 60 years old. I was their heartthrob, once in a while used to spend my evenings cuddling, kissing, hugging, sleeping nakedly with partners. But now for the past many years, I haven’t had any experience. I have quite a few limitations. I can’t do anything in open, since I have a family.Added to that in the Middle East , most of the websites are blocked. Since privacy is a rare luxury, I will only be able to correspond through e-mail.
Please mail me if you want to continue our correspondence. God willing , I may visit UK and meet you,

Cool sounds nice. I like older men as well

i am not sure what you mean about agedifference

Hallo Mirko you are correct it is not easy but I am happy just liking men

I would love to be in touch with you. I like older gay men . May be we can be in touch by e-mail.

love to chat my email is johnhperks@hotmail.co.uk nice that you like older men xx

Hi ,
Check my mail I sent to you today

Ok honey but time difference could be a problem