The Older The Sexier

I've been with 2 older men before in my life. As for one of them who is about 50 years of age, I can say I sort of have a romantic relationship with him while the other one should be about 40 now it was purely sexual.
I first started with the 40 year old one. The fact that he was a married curious guy makes me horny as hell. We got down and dirty when he came over to visit me and he came inside me once he climaxed. It was my first time with an older men but he wasn't what I was really looking for.
Enter the 50 year old man! I can say this guy was exactly what I wanted. He was really loving and romantic and we kissed non-stop when he was ******* me. And did I mention that he was really good in ******* and had lots of stamina for a man who was half a century old? The first time we met he ****** me twice!
So for me, the older you are, the sexier you are...that's a fact!
kelvinng90 kelvinng90
26-30, M
Sep 17, 2012