when I was 13yrs old I was in the locker/shower/washroom at the ymca. Back then it was shared both men and boys. I was peeing at the urinal,and there was a man peeing the next one over,At that age I had never had any sexual experiences,but liked girls.I looked over at him,he was naked,about 70,a big man,then I looked at his ****,it was so long,hanging down,uncut,hairy with huge balls,he saw me looking,and i pushed my shorts down and turned towards him.he smiled and went to the shower. I went to shower also,and stood under shower naked,staring at his ****,it hung so long. he motioned me to a toilet stall,i went in,he sat me down on toilet standing in front of me,I opened my mouth and took him in,his foreskin was so thick,his **** was so thick,even though he didnt get hard,it was so big,he held my head,pushing hard.I was choking but so excited. He then stood me up,and he sat on the toilet,pushed his toungue up my bum while pulling hard on my **** and balls,then started pushing his big fingers inside me,it hurt so much.he stood up and sat me on toilet again,with his **** in my face,and started peeing on me,I tasted him. he told me to meet him at his car,but i got scared and took off. that was my only experience,25 yrs ago,I got married,divorced,and realize I want to try that again,I checked local websites,but cant find a man old enough,as that is pretty much my only gay interest,,a much older man,any suggestions how to find 1?
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Good story. I wish you would have gpne to his car