What Is It About The Older Man?

I have always loved older men.
Even in childhood, the crushes I had were not on the boys in my class, oh no, I got crushes on my teachers!
Some might say that older men are more knowledgable and know their way around a woman's body. Some might say older men have been around the block a few times and are more willing in their autumn years to want to settle down. Some might say that older men have had better upbringings with old fashioned values and are far more polite and respectful than their youthful counterparts.
All of these factors would make a good argument for an affinity towards the older man.
However, in my case... I think it's just a comfort thing.
I recently learnt that we can sexualise things that give us comfort in our childhood. For example, having lots of people in your family with blonde hair can make blondes a preference when seeking a partner. I think that's what's happened in my case.
It's a common theme in my family, on my father's side, for the men to have a child after the age of 40, making them older than the average father. My father was older when I was born. I also have a much older brother. However, to compound the issue, on my mothers side I am the 29th grandchild of 30 (Yes, 30! My grandparents had 10 children). Which means, my whole life has been spent around people older than I am. I have cousins now in their 60s, whilst I am yet to hit 40.
I am comfortable around older people and I suppose during my turbulent teens I probably sexualised this.
No real surprize then that I married a man who is older than I am.
All the musicians (got a thing for musos too) that I look up to so much are older: Paul McCartney, John Lennon, Eric Clapton...
The one I really lust after and seriously want to get down the pants of (see my other stories) Robert Plant... is much older than I.
I just find older men attractive. I like their way, I like their salt n' pepper hair, men just age so well damn them!
I only ever dated one guy younger than me (by one year) - drove me crazy! Mind you, we were 18 and 19 it hardly counts!
Of course, with my own advancing age, as pointed out to me by my teenaged daughter, frequently, my prospects are becoming fewer. Soon, an "older man" when compared to me will need a zimmer frame and incontinence underwear. But thankfully, I am not quite at that point yet and will enjoy all these 50-60 something men who are catching my eye whilst I can.
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sweet for you !

Things that happened in your past lives can also affect you in this one...

So hot, so intrigueing, I would like to talk to you about all of those things and more. I wish I could tell you about older women and what they wanted me to do when I was young. Interesting. It would be wild to hear both sides in one conversastion. Maybe sometime...

Guess I can interject hehe something in herer. seeing i'm 77 in July. is that old? old is when you think old, act old and you know your old, otherwise, 77 and going strong, look i'm here just trying to understand why i'm stilllooking evenat 77. yar i know, someone will say i'm just horny, well maybe so but also it's keeping me thinking YOUNG. I may not perform like i use to but that depends on what your looking for in an old man.

Well thought out! I am 18 years older than my wife and I think she was tired of what she called "boys" and wanted someone that had maturity, but not with one foot in thr grave! Robert Plant, eh? He was certainly a sex god but he's looking worse for wear nowadays, in my humble opinion . But I am curious if you think he's attractive now? Again, thanks for the well written thoughts on loving older men.

We do have more experience. :)

I always thought I was weird liking older men. I find younger guys attractive but I am never attracted to them. I especially like men going to 40 who are just about to go grey, they are just fun and mature. I think they are at that stage of maturity but still kinda want to experience their youth.

Big A+ ;P

I tend to draw younger guys to me because I'm quiet and I appear insecure around people (im a lot better when there's fewer people around me). However, I am more attracted to older guys. I also like guys just a year or two above me, SOME young guys can be really mature..it just all depends on the individual. I want a guy that can respect me as a person, who's gone through life enough to know what he wants, and one I won't have to babysit and clean after. <br />
I am really attracted to the asian side of the world for guys...not only do they appeal to me with their hair color (somehow black is very attractive to me XD...seriously!)<br />
I find overall as a culture, they have more respect, more introverted qualities that make them modest and respectable. I love how serious they can be at times, too...I like guys with common sense.<br />
Obviiusly im speaking overall! there are always individuals in every culture and community that are not the same. I like their oldschool ways of respect.<br />
bonus if he does martial arts :p, I dont give a **** about football or basketball XD.<br />
Im an artsy type, so, their artistic culture also appeals to me :), I want to learn new things outside my community and share my own experiences, it seems to drive me a lot more than "oh, u seen all those movies already?" or "why dont u know these celebrities! this person is SO this"...because Id reply wih "I dont even care about hollywood, so and so can stay in rehab for all I care".<br />
<br />
<br />
best motto: If you cannot respect them, don't date them. I decided that was going to be what I live by :)

mmm i have the salt 'n'pepper hair....

You are ideal.

I like older guys too. And the amount of family you have is crazy!!! My family is so small. Lqtm.<br />
<br />
P.S. I have a huge crush on Hugo Weaving! Google him. He's is super sexy!!! ;)