Tired Of Little Boys

I have found that i like guys who are older than me. From a year to 5 years and even a few who were in their 30's! Im 19 and attending a community college. I meet alot of guys who are older and i love having conversations with them and just hanging out with them. Guys my age are still trying to mature and i dont want to have to teach a guy how to treat me. I want a guy who already knows how to treat me.
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3 Responses Jan 2, 2011

experience counts.. so does chemistry. love to share.<br />
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hi, i am 48y is that good for you

girl i totally understand u . since i started dating though . they have ALWAYS been older. the oldest was 10 yrs appart but we didnt date . but yeah i have always chosen them older because boys mature too slow and at our age dont know what they want my current boyfriend of 2 yrs is 4 yrs appart from me:)