I Love Older Men

My partner is 25 years older than me since the age of 16 i have always liked older men there is a maturity a passion and a greater sense of commitment from a older man they treat you like a adult i can simply never see myself being in a relationship with a man my age and neither would i want to  be I love my partner more than anything in this world and always will,people who dont agree or like age gap relationships should keep their narrow minded opinions to themselves and stop  trying to spoil peoples happiness if two people are happy together then keep your unwanted opinions to yourself! its their lives they are both consenting adults and are doing nothing wrong
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cool. i am in love with a 46 year old...and I am 32. some times I am like...wtf...but then i read about your stories and I think...oh well what ever. If it works it works. who cares.

exactly,thanks for reading my stories im glad it made you feel better,feel free to message me if you ever want to talk about age-gap things

I read a man is only as old as the skin he kisses =)

very true

Dont worry about your parents just follow your heart,if he makes you happy and it is what you want then that should be enough for your parents.

I agree! Im 20 and hes 37, we fell deeply in love. Hes so romantic and charming. I love him so much. He wants to get marry with me later on in life, im the girl hes been looking for.. but I dont know what to do, my parents dont agree with this, they think im too young for him, and my life is just starting.. ive been feeling so bad, i cant be with him. any suggestions? PLEASE HELP!

Age is only a number. If you feel as strong about your man as you say then just go for it gurl ! If it doesn't work out then you are still young enough to re-view your principles and try again. Good luck with your 'older dude' :-)

Thanks trulysaddenedbecauseofyou wishing you both all the best :-)

Some people have to understand that everyone has different tastes.<br />
:) Personally, I'm glad you're comfortable with who you are and who you're with! Older guys generally take better care of the girls they see, and they understand how to behave. <br />
I like younger women, and they like me. I never saw anything wrong with dating girls younger than myself either, providing they're over 21.