They Are Hottttt

Ever since "pretty woman" and "lolita" and "damage" i was into older men, but my age requirements are strict: only after 40, not younger, and i guess 56 is the upper limit. i was lucky enough to fulfill my fantasy, i was involved with a man who was 45 but married and i was very young... very, 14-15, but trust me i was sooo ready for it (plus we never had "real" intercourse, but we did everything but...), during that period i had multiple crushes on older guys: my friends' dads and teachers, so that experience was a dream come true. unfortunately he was married, and i really seduced him : i was too inspired by "lolita", lol. but i was tortured by guilt, because his wife was a nice woman, and i knew his daugther, who was my age... actually i wasn't really tourtured by guilt, more like i was mad on myself for NOT feeling guilty, and having no emotions of remourse whatsoever.. so i thought i wasn't normal, and forced myself to feel after "fulling around" with him for about a year, there was an opportunity to break it off, without actually confronting him (because it didn't work, he didn't want to stop seeing me), basically i pretended that my family found out and acted like i couldn't see him anymore.

but now that i'm older, and more "experienced" and therefore should probably get over that childlish fantasy, from time to time i ran into the hot piece, who fits the profile perfectly - has sault-and-pepper hair, over 42, tall, business man, i just want to stare and remember his features perfectly, even though i'll never think of him again. it's just like a masterpiece for me. and it's funny that i'm not turned on by young, built, perfect-face guys... it's this quiet power of older business man.

i remember i accedently met executives in a bar when they invited me and a friend over their table, and then a ceo was begging me to start dating him, i couldn't cause i had a boyfriend. and then another time (recently) a president of multiple companies bought me and a friend a drink and also was trying to pursuade me to forget about my boyfriend... and although i'm pretty cute, and good-looking and have an ok body, i'm not at all the "model" type, i think they can feel my innate attraction to them, or maybe we suit good together - i'm very easy-going in a company and always positive and they are serius and stressed out, so they like my positivity. 

if i'm ever single i should get myself an older man, i guess what attracts me in them is the freadom - the age difference is an obvious obsticle and therefore a perfect escape situation. they also are more emotionally smart and of course, since i'm younger, i feel some sort of power over them...

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sweets for my sweet sugar for my honey your youthful lips thrill me so sweets for my sweet sugar for my honey ill never ever let you go

buddhawannabe, Everyone wants to be someones fantasy. :)

HEY! I fit yoru requirements, over 45, salt and peper hair, business exec.<br />
Whats say he fulfill each others dreams!

Wish I meet a gal like you (14-15 or in the teens) when i am old about 45...Actually I really wish to have a young teenage gal. I find teen agers hot.