Exactly Why I Like Older Men.

Now, I am 21... Older in MY eyes is 30-40, I have been treated with way more respect and even taken seriously. As opposed to "BOYS" my age. Honestly I would take an older man over a young buck anyday. More Experience, More intuned with themselves, More understanding, More Sexy and way more smart. God Bless these men who know how to treat their women.
phoenixlight phoenixlight
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Hear Hear. Would love to talk to you. Add me?

I totally agree with you 100%!

Im with ya girl! boys kill me...lol...they cant offer my much of anything...main thing is the respect and always lookin after themselves!

here here i definetly agree with you,im 22 and my bf is 47 we have been together nearly two years now.

I'm 50 this year, and I'd just like to say that older men have had more time to sort themselves out, regardless of any fetishes we may have. And boys of all ages have fetishes... Maybe us older ones have more refined fetushes!

yep but the problem is as long as you can keep it casual , to take it further there normally is no future in a relationship that has a 20 year age diffence , being 21 and 40 is ok for a while 10 years later its a whole different dynamic

I'm 24 and like men anywhere from mid-30s to 50s but all the ones I like are married :/ It's a sad story. haha

Nothing wrong with it at all. He knows how to treat you. That's all that matters! Age ain't nothing but a number. And I like my men how I like my wine. :) aged to perfection

i agree with u phoenxlight..i'm in the same situation, i'm 21 years old and my bf 34..so i've never been happy n' comfortable before now..he loves me respects nd cares for me like noone else did..u make me feel normal thank u so much cuz i feel all the time that i'm doing sth wrog:)