I have a thing for dress me sexy and go out and shopping and hope a older man follows me around in the store. and look at me.high heels and miniskirt often do the job
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The question is could you handle a older man in bed?In general I love conventional sex,but very willing to please a woman in anyway she desirers.Now if your just teasing that's not right,because a older man can really show you what sex is all about.I have no doubt that I could wear you out with fore play alone.Because sex without fore play isn't good sex,sex with good fore play is great sex.And I'm sure you will eventually understand what I'm saying.I'm really not into games that's why I post naked pictures of myself in my EP stories.I'm old enough that showing my whole body is really no big deal.It's how you use it is what counts.You might try an older man,at least once!!!!

I think you are looking for an older man to 'take you in hand'.

And what if he asked for your phone number, would you panic lol.

I always feel like such a perv when I notice a really sexy younger woman, usually young enough to be my daughter, at the mall. It's encouraging to hear that some actually like to be noticed by us old guys.

wow you can tease me.