Meeting This Man Online........

I recently met this man online and we really connected. We have also met face to face and I really lke it. He is 41 and I will be 24 in a couple of weeks.
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That's cool I don't think I ever seen any females my age they don't do anything for me buts that's me I think hope it goes good with u and him my ex just turn 31 and I just hit the double nickel we had fun till

good luck theres a big age difference

Hi I wish you best of Luck !
I met my love of life online 10 years ago
We lived far apart me in UK and her in Singapore .
We kept in touch .
Now been married 8 years have 2 children .
Yep I am old guy lol 55!
My wife is 36.
It does work !

good luck and enjoy

good luck & hope you 2 enjoy each other :) i betting your love what he can do for you & how sweet of a guy he is older men are not as bad as some people think we are :)

i also like older 22 years old and he is 44 years old and has 3 kids...<br />
and we are really connected...and gonna meet him next month...<br />
wish me luck... :)

Hope for the best for u dear

i also like men older than me, Im 16 and prefer men in there late 40's at least, age doesnt matter, it depends what you actually feel