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Older Men Are My Thing

I'm 16 and even though there are cute boysmy age I always find men older than me more attractive. From 1year to even like 30 years older...sometimes more. I especially love it when a man has that salt and pepper look! I don't know if it's becuase they're more mature or just what I find hot. It's annoying though becuase since I find older man attractive I often find my teachers attractive...ok maybe it's not that big of a deal but it is a little weird lol
Mydirtylittlesecret2288 Mydirtylittlesecret2288 16-17, F 21 Responses Sep 7, 2012

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It's not uncommon at all. Crushes are amazing, and a sign that you are a healthy person! When someone is older and attractive we naturally are drawn to them because we respect them. A lot of my crushes on people that were older were because there was something about them that I found not only were they attractive, but their personality had something I really respected. I think my brain was finding the different qualities in people that I really wanted in a partner.

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Not that uncommon, I don't think, so don't feel badly about it. There's some sort of special connection between younger women and older men that can be fun and rewarding for both.

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Legally its not wrong if you live in the UK lol. You should not of course worry about connecting with someone if it feels right as long as you are not breaking any laws of course :-)

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Since ur 16, take care not to get anyone into legal trouble...! Other than that: if it feels good, do it!

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Ditto. I love em. :p

not weird to act upon your senses. If you find them attractive, then they are, and know you are one of the few who know what they want.

It's because we already been where you are and we changed

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I'm the same way, all my teachers are way more attractive than the students.

Nothing to be ashamed of. The heart wants what the heart wants. You can't really control what or who you are attracted. There are too many psychological reason for your desires. You just have to practice restraint when the relationship would be with a person "of trust" like your teacher or matter the age.

Im the same to be honest, older guys are just nicer to be with in every way!

i think a younger lady liking olderman is a turn on maybe because the sex may be good