Older Guys Turn Me On!

The oldest guy Ive ever been with is 27, and Im 16. but what really gets me turned on is a bad-boy. I know its wrong, but my boyfriends dad is 34, and recently out of jail, has tattoos all over his body (from what ive seen lol), and is very fit! AH such a turn on! I kinda feel bad for it, but I like to think about his dad when I pleasure myself, and while we (my boyfriend and I) are having sex!
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18-21, F
7 Responses Nov 15, 2012

Woooooooo, that's hot. Have you ever flirted with his dad? Have you ever givien him a little peek while boyfriend is not looking. It will make your orgaism better and stronger if you tease him and watch him respond, and his bugle appears. Have fun, make his dad hunger for some of your sweet hot tender juicy cookie

Excellent Story!!

That's hot

I'd love to hear from any young girls 16-20 who like the idea of having a guy in his 40's as their personal pleasure slave... i'm in southern UK looking for chats online or maybe even more if the girl desires!

well i like younger girls so hit me up im 24/m

your bf's dad sounds like my kind of guy.

add me x