Older Men?

I dont know what it is about older men that attract me to them. I can easily find someone around my own age, in fact i know guys around my own age that are interested in me, but they are too young. they are all older than me, but not old enough. seven guys i dated or messed around with were 21 or older. most of them older. i have dated and slept with a 30 year old man. and i fooled around with a 32 year old man. it was fun and exciting. the 30 year old was the first person to introduce me to the submissive lifestyle but the 32 year old made me fall in love with it. any young guy i have ever tried dating didn't work out. i get along with older guys better than younger guys. its been that way since i started dating. its weird but not all at the same time. hmmm
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hi am an older guy and I would love to take you in hand.jasperx

I really don't know what it is with the age thing. Personally I dont reallt care for age and dont pay attention to it. If two persons are attracted to eachother, then it has to be like that, regardless their ages. But thats just how I feel.

Very nice, let me know if you want to chat.

Date the person or persons that you want it is your life. If you desire older men, go for them if you desire younger men do that or if you desire women date them. You are not restricted to one type of person for the rest of your life. Personally I am an older man and I have always desired younger women, because I get along with them better.

I completely agree. I feel like it's gotten to the point where I physically can't be attracted to someone less than 3 years older than me. Don't worry, it makes you mature and quirky ;)

Add me at yahoo. i would love to chat with you... i love young girls

Hi there! I'm a 32 male. Would love to get to know you more. Hit me up!

You should do what your comfortable with, once you are relaxed with someone every thing gets better the whole night is more fun,even without sex. youadd sex and the bang is better. so just go with the flow.

If you have fun carry on. I'm 54 and would be delighted to date a 16 year old. I'm in England so it's perfectly legal.

Ok I'm totally NOT judging you, I'm 25, my husband is 42 so I totally get the older guy thing, BUT I hope you are 18 now b/c you can really ruin someone's life if you're not. Just keep that in mind, however if you are 18, best of luck to you and I HIGHLY recommend older men!

It's really pretty simple Dear! With us old guys it's not our first rodeo! Like all young guys we blew some very promising rlationships because we were in too much of a hurry for the sex of it all. As time passed we learned the ob<x>jective should be the satisfaction we could give the lady first, not us. The preamble to actual sex is the most satisfying and long lasting experience anyone can have. Then; us old guys learned that when it was over, it really wasn't and we have learned to snuggle, probe and exite our lady to the next, longer lasting experience in sex. If we are good at it we will cause the lady to never forget the entire evening and night. Of course we want sex the next day and on and on but more important we want the lady to want it too. If we've done our best the lady will ask for it which escalates the romance to an even higher level! It's good for our egos but more important we have convinced the lady she is an equal pla<x>yer and her wishes are the most important part of the experience we are enjoying. The old boys have learned not to roll over and sleep! Our partners have to be embraced and cuddled only after we know they have been satisfied! If they aren't fully satisfied we old guys have to carress and fondle them to a point where they are hot and want to go another round. Many times the second round surpasses the first in a big way. I prefer ladies in the 25 to 35 range. They have usually had some tough experiences and are ever so greatful when they feel they have a considerate and patient sexual partner. Length isn't as important as experience and the simple matter of "caring".

Mmm me too. I love an older man...I want nothing but a mature, older man. ;*

Is 49 too old for an add to your circle?

I know what you mean....I am into younger women, say by at least 10-15 years, cannot stand a "dead" last girlfriend kicked me out telling me I needed a 20 year old **** star.....

Good for you! You have all the right reasons to be with someone older. Use your time with older guys to learn about yourself and what YOU want in life and love. Learn about your sexuality without fear of that ugly emotion JEALOUSY. Guys your age are very aware of their limited knowledge. I wish I had someone like you to teach and nurture...

i'm 41 and i'm looking for my bff.especialy if you don't care to conform,like if you werte say hairy and flatchested and just love how it messes with most other peoples sence of propriety.completely happy with yourself the way you are,so am i.

its really simple , older guys don't have emotional ups and downs . As a young girl you bound to have it , then you don't wont it with the person you are with . It balance the way you suppose to grow up as more mature women with time. Having some chaotic teenage boy around can bee too much sometimes . Best Trilo

I am 42 and would love to talk with you

For some of us, an age difference is a most exciting and arousing aspect of the relationship. For others, an age difference is of little interest.<br />
I reckon simply enjoy the age difference, and enjoy whatever component it is which arouses, or inspires you.<br />
Younger women whom I have dated, relate that they enjoy feeling nurtured by a father figure, and enjoy the wisdom and learning which comes with age.<br />
The dominant - submissive dynamic is yet another la<x>yer or component which can sometimes enter into a relationship which has an age different.<br />
I reckon do whatever feels right. Not so much what feels good, but what feels right.

Wait until you try someone my age (48). Then you will know what it is like to be truly appreciated...

As long as you have fun, everything is ok. :)