It Started At A Young Age

I have always liked older men sens i was 14 years old, it was one of those things that just felt right to me. being with someone who at he's age just wanted to take care and love you rather then just play games then **** you and walk away, a reassuring kind of thing for me. i never really liked guy's my age or any where near my age because they never want anything else other then just what they can get at that time. it just makes me think "whats the point" but being with someone older i can some how see that there is something more there then just getting some or killing time. i also just can not take anyone seriously who is younger then me, even if their just one year younger then me. to me they just look like 10 year old's trying to get me to just hold their hand in public, i know that's kind of a mean thing to say but its just hard for me to get over a guy's age if he's younger then me. lucky for me i'm 20 and not that attractive so no one younger then me would ever be attracted to me at this time anyways.
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2 Responses Dec 10, 2012

the part i like about MUCH older men is that they seem to worship my body so much and the way they touch me and kiss my body is so hot and it makes me feel so sexy and boy do i get off. they enjoy watching me undress and walk around them and they really appreciate a young fit body and know what to do with it and my eyes just roll back in my head.

Oh lady, don't say you are not attractive to anyone younger to you. Just wait and see very soon you will be a gorgeous woman to whom young guys will like to flirt. You will not miss them, they are there. It only depends on you if you want to give them a chance or not.