I Want An Older Man....

ever since i was young, ive always been more attracted to older men. when i was 16 i was involved with a 29yrold, and i think thats where it started. my last couple relationships have been with guys my age and they just have not been satisfying. i just turned 23 last month, i want an older man to show me what ive been missing!
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Hiya, Baby,
If you want a much older, kind and caring guy to talk to, then I'm here.
I know that several much old men have replied and I am even more ancient and married.
But EP has the great advantage that you can let yourself go (in the right way) if you want to, and pour your heart out.
Life can be very tough, and obviously you have been through an awful experience. It may be that you need a trained therapist. But then, some of us more ordinary folk may be able to give you the help and encouragement you need.
Thank for sharing both your stories.
Of course, I haven't been through what you have been through but, in other ways, I have been through enough, to understand a very little bit.
Peter xx

One of the great things an older man brings is what's in your name. He will focus on just you and on no one else. His mind and his body will be given to you with no other thoughts of anyone else. That provides for awesome experiences on both ends.

There are a million or more of us looking for you! There is no doubt in my mind about that!

well, I'm old enough to be your grandfather but so what......... I've always liked younger women - women 10 to 20 years younger. most don't have the experience to know what to do and it's really wonderful to teach them some of the wonderful points of how satification is acheived. know that guys our age have lots of stamina, wisdom, and are really fun.

What are some things you would do to me? And teach me?

You know, that is the wrong question for me to answer but the right question for you to ask. In order to answer that question we need to talk and I need to listen very well. I need to know what you you know and what you have been dreaming about. It's important to understand limits and desires. So - let's talk and than I can better answer that question.