Older Men Are So Attractive

I've been into older men since about 13. I know it may seem kind of young but if you read my other posts you'll understand. Most people don't understand but i like what i like. I don't need any negative comments because if you're reading this you like it too.
Payton1989 Payton1989
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5 Responses Jan 5, 2013

Being an older, much older, man I agree with you. Besides we are a bit slower and rely on the foreplay to make things better for you.

I understand completely your preference for older mature men after reading your fascinating stories. To that end you have my support. Regardless of what anyone may think, it is what you like and prefer is all that is important. I like it to because i am reading about it thanks to you. You are all class.

right you are?

Gives all older men hope of meeting an open minded young lady like you , one that truely enjoys older men

It's NICE to know that they are still Young Ladies out there, that Are into older men.