I'Ve Always Liked Older Guys.

Since i can remember, older guys have always been more attractive to me. I used to think it was wrong to feel like that but i know it's not now...
I think my lack of sexual related experiences are because the guys that are interested in me are too young and i don't feel like i want anything with them! eugh...

One older man was interested not long ago until I told him my age and he was put off.

I'll wait on finding an older man that wants me and can teach me everything i need to know ;)
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5 Responses Feb 1, 2013

I would be glad to teach you everything you need to know. And, even somethings you do not need to know but which you might enjoy. Although there would need to be some discussions first.

you never mentioned what age you mean when you say older......................smiling

ill teach you ;)

That's great.. It's kind of fantasy..I too love older Women....

Woo, you are attractive to everybody, can we meet? Somewhere somehow someday?