I Have A Thing For 30-Something Guys.

Ever since I started dating I loved older guys. I guess it is because I always wanted to feel protected, have someone to care for me and to be somebody's little girl and I only can feel this way with an older guy. But over the years of dating i came to a conclusion that my ideal guy should be around 31-33 years old. No offence to anyone but after 35 most guys become unbelievable boring...but 29-33 is the ideal age - they look greate, greate in bed, they are not silly boys anymore but not some dull boring men yet either.
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2 Responses Feb 8, 2013

"...I'm 44 yrs old , with a big 9 inch ****, any good 2u...???"

is it selfish of me to say I think you're right? lol My last girlfriend was 19 and it was the right age. I completely agree with you here... plus how can a girl depend on a guy if she's older? Doesn't even make sense...