I'm Not Against Or Shoc...

I'm not against or shocked by age-gap in couple relationships. Many girls my age would find an older man charming, powerful, rich, mature, but that's all now when he's 30/40. If you do get to marry him, in 20 years he'll be tired, all day sitting in the sofa watching sports, not wanting to go out, eat out, without patience to look after kids...and a woman gets sick of that...i've that happen many times.

Aoine Aoine
22-25, F
2 Responses Jun 3, 2007

well that happens and its true

Well excuse me....I happen to be fit able and ready for most things...hate sitting vegging infront of a TV and loath TV dinners. Enjoy walking talking and a little action ....alot of action but it is quality with a Q not quantity!!!

Lol but that's not typical of older people.