I Dated a Lot of Older Men Whe...

I dated a lot of older men when I was younger and married one who was 14 years my senior.  As I've gotten older - it gets more difficult to find guys who are older than I -   So, I hope that some "younger guys" will like me these days.
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I'm sure you'll be able to find a younger man

lol they way it works for guys , notihng more sexy when you are a 17 years old male than being with a 30-35 years old woman , and then of course when your a forty years old man nothing more exciting than being with a 20 year old woman , Just the way it is in 98% of guys

Thank you Marji! I wish it were true or maybe there was enough time?<br />
Your comment gave me the warm fuzzies. Moxie

Younger guys are so much more exciting and fun, but older men are more responsible and reasonable.