I know I said I like older guys, but that doesn't mean in a sexual way. I'm sick of 30 year old men just sending me **** pics. News flash, I'm a virgin and I'm sick of how immature all the older guys on here are. Unless you are actually willing to talk for a good relationship, talk to me. If the first thing you plan on saying is 'wanna trade' , don't even talk to me.
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8 Responses Aug 30, 2014

That's disgusting. Without you asking, they just send the pics? At least they should ASK if you want to see.

I am up for a chat if you ever want to chat.

Sorry guys treat you with such disrespect!

Let's chat

hey young guy...wanna trade silly messages? ... :p

we do?

hold on...is that your tongue? oh I think I remember you...haha

hehe...just testing the 'wanna trade' warning above. Alright Im gonna go. bye ttyl :D

Yup. Unfortunately, EP is full of 'em.


Lol.. sorry your having to deal with those a holes. Don't pay them any attention.