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This is not a story as such, just some miscellaneous notes on the topic from over the years.

I am an old fart, gay now (straight gay, as I like to joke to those in the know; which is to say ONLY gay). I spent decades as a bisexual man and I have to admit I still today enjoy perving at young girls, flirting with them, and fantasising about them. But that's it. The most recent time I went with a girl, a Thai bar girl ***** about 30 years of age, I could not get hard. When it comes to the crunch the female body just does not take me to full tilt, despite me watching it with great joy.

The young girls I get off on now are called - here in Asia where I live - ladyboys. You may know them as transgender or transexual, as chix with dix as the Americans like to say. I have sex regularly with gorgeous divine creatures in their 20s, who drive an old geyzer like me to distraction. Touching watching licking sucking their ***** gives me the utmost sexual pleasure. ***** hung on the one end of sweet female form.

These days my best friends are all older guys like me who live in this world of ladyboys. We all get off this way.
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You picked a wonderful country for them, Japan's are called new-half.

Yes. I've seen internet pix. Not yet met one, not yet been to Japan.

All the ones I met were hormonal breasts, so small and firm and beautifully shaped, but kept the equipment. Stunningly beautiful and wonderfully intelligent conversationalists. The club I mentioned in small breasted Japan's part owner owned a number of clubs and two were all New-Half hostesses.

Gosh that makes me jealous. I would love to be there amid all that.

A boat is a hole in the water, where you throw your money
Cocaine is like a boat in your nose
Japan is a place for people who get seasick and do not like cocaine.
I adore the Thai people, but personally prefer to live in Japan.

I don't get seasick but don't like cocaine. Maybe that makes me a newer kind of new half: halfunhalf.

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Interesting story, thanks.