My Uncle Wants To Have Sex With Me

I'm 23 and every time I come around my uncle he always gives me these looks. I know exactly what they mean lol. He loves to rub my back and once he "mistakenly" rubbed my breast. Hmmmm I wonder when he will try something.
Payton1989 Payton1989
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Stick your fingers in your mouth and suck them in front of him!!!

Maybe you will have to be the aggressor if you want to try him out.

I suspect Payton that you can reliably anticipate that eventually uncle will touch you intimately intentionally, perhaps on the butt to start with. Further progression will obviously depend on your reaction to his advance.
Perhaps next time you see uncle you could consider teasing him with a view to enticing him into touching you and once he does you can play along with it to see where it leads to. A beautiful debut incestual experience may be in the offing for you. Here's hoping.
Thank you Payton for sharing this story.

read my story about me and mom....people are weak and they love touch....

I want to have sex with you.

Can I try you.


so very inviting you shud respond + or - whatever you like?

If you wnat it to happen, why not take the first step?

They stays too far I dont see him as often as I would like

if i was your uncle i would put you on hold.

all i can say have fun if you get a chance read my story about my freinds daughter

Do you want to have sex with him?

Yes he's an attractive older man in his early 50s