Step Dad And I

Well let me first answer everyone's main question. YES all of my stories are true. Sex with my step dad doesn't really have too much detail but it's the most requested and I love making my daddy's happy and horny :)

It was a summer afternoon, I was 14 and about to go swimming. I was walking around the house in an adorable two piece bikini. It was red with white hearts. My mom had taken my two year old sister with her to the store which left my step dad and I home alone. He was in the kitchen when I walked past him. He stopped me and said "where are your clothes" I said " dad I don't need clothes to swim" he said "you're right" and I walked away. I got in the pool for a couple mins but I noticed him staring at me through the window. Already knowing about sex I noticed he was getting sexually aroused. I turned away and when I looked again he was gone. I got out of the pool dried off and went to find him. I looked around the house and I didn't see him anywhere but when I got close to my parents bed room I heard moaning. Normally out of respect I would knock but being the curious child I was I just opened the door. The lay my step father all 6'5 250 of muscle on the bed caressing the biggest **** I had ever seen. He looked at me and immediately tried to cover himself. I told him it was okay I'm not a virgin and I could help. I walked over got on my knees and began to suck his ****. It was so large I couldn't fit it all in my mouth. He started to work his hips and pull my head in. I was determined to suck the whole 9 in so I stopped and he looked at me with guilt on his face. I climbed on the bed laid on my back with my head hanging off and opened my mouth, He then began to **** my throat like there was no tomorrow. I took the whole **** I was gagging and choking but I didn't care because I was taking it. He untied my bikini bottom and started eating my *****. He was so much better than my first I couldn't help but have a major ******. He picked my young limp body up and lay me across the be where my *** was up but my feet weren't touching the ground and he said " I'm an *** man." He started started licking my *** and i I love that but he didn't lick for long because after a while i felt this pain take over my body as he entered my ***. I had never had anal sex before and in the beginning it hurt but after a couple more pumps and him spitting in between my little cheeks it started to feel good. He gave me all of that throbbing **** until he finally unleashed a load of hot *** right in my ***. He collapsed on top of me kissing on my neck. Eventually he pulled out and started kissing me on my lips. He told me loved me and to go clean myself up. When mom got hope we acted as if nothing happened. We did have sex a couple times after that up until I got 16. It was pretty fun sneaking around with him. I enjoyed every moment.

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Y'all still ****


Hot story

Any one wanna talk dirty hit me up ! ;)


Yes 😉😉

hot story

they just keep gettin better and better!

very hot, i love ************ to my hot daughters panties

It is nice there are females around that like Anal. For my part, I have done Anal but prefer the Vaginal and oral. 69 makes great foreplay.

Now THIS is my story of what I would do to you young lady.!!!!!!

thank you and well done as I have posted on this websites about my sisters and mom all true some still ask did that really happen and with a smile on my face I say yes it did. want another daddy?

I would love one

i am home from college son.

How wonderful an experience for you.And for him!

awesome mine about me and mom.....

Breathtaking hot erotic stimulating story Payton.
Discovering your step dad caressing his big **** must have looked irresistibly enticing to you. I think it is wonderfully exciting that you immediately and without apparent hesitation, calmed his understandable nervous reaction at being caught when you opened the door, by showing amazing initiative and entering the bedroom walking over to him, kneeling and sucking his mammoth ****. It is spectacular you took his entire organ in your mouth despite gagging, choking, and persevering to perform ******** on him.
It appears you experienced unforgettable anal sex for the first time to. It must have been very exciting sneaking around with your step dad and having sex whilst avoiding detection by your mom.
Your two piece bikini with red and white hearts sounds sweetly gorgeous.
Undoubtedly you were the ideal daughter for your step daughter pleasing him like you did. Love your story. Thank you Payton for sharing it.

Great story.

I bet you enjoyed it.

Nice am sure he must have ****** your juicy dripping wet ***** too later

I loved your story! you write very well!

Another sexy adventure, thanks for sharing

You are very welcome

Great way to serve your step daddy.

Damn that was hot & well written. Wish i couldve been your daddy

oh you naughty girl but i like it.