I love older men. They just know how to please me better, and I seem to please them better than I can a boy my age. I love being treated like a lady by a man rather than being treated like a girl by a boy.
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I like you. You're OK.


Very good. You seem to know where the fun lies.

:) You are very observant. You are so right. I always try very hard to make my partner *** first and hard. That really is what gets me off much better. Thanks for writing about this. Please friend me.

I think I would be able to make you *** so hard that you would never forget. Please friend me baby.

I love young baby girls like you

Please add me sweetie

hello young lady want to be friends?

I'd love to treat you like a princess. ;-)

Yes, that is true. Us older guys have been around and know what we are doing.

Well said hun!

Love treating women like queens