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I know that not all older men out there are in the "creepy old guy" category, even if they are infatuated with younger women. I have high respect for those men who outwardly proclaim to like younger women, but do not prey upon them. While we are so lucky to live in a time of ever growing tolerance, pedophiles - specifically those that DO NOT act on their feelings and impulses- are an enormously stigmatized group, and specifically in America, get very little opportunity to be honest about their feelings with anyone, including professional therapists without fear of legal repercussion.

I believe there are wonderful relationships that blossom despite seemingly unconquerable differences, age being only one of them. Love is out there for all of us.

A.N: Please realize that this story was written two years ago, and I wasn't able to express myself as clearly as I am able to now. Though I am reluctant to change or delete any of my stories, I have made a few changes to this one today (7-08-14) to hopefully clarify my point of view.
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Wow i certainly agree, you seem to be one of few who actually believes pedophiles shouldn't be punished just for their sexuality. It is wrong to rape people no matter what kind of sexuality you have but people always associate pedophiles with rapists. :/

I think it is a shame that you have felt you need to edit an old story. Old stories are an expression of how you were.
As for younger women, well: as I have progressed in years I have discovered an attraction to the excitement and enthusiasm of a younger lady. Those my age only seem to complain about how old they feel, and never seem to want to do anything about it, except get so drunk that they forget.

Thanks for sharing. Some of us "old guys" actually are respectable, courteous and polite in an "old fashioned" manner.

haha, speak for yourself. I'll be 46 next month, and I don't even consider myself an "old guy", lol...

I thought I had implied that by placing quotes around "old guys", but next time I'll be less subtle. ;-)

haha, I got ya. Sorry about jumping to conclusions, lol.


Mmmm, unfortunately the "creepy-dirty old men' have given the rest of us a baaad name. An older man who makes a younger woman the slightest bit uncomfortable just because he cant hide his elation in her company is plain ole 'creepy'. However some female's love the attention, stability, maturity and wisdom some older men can offer after they've played the field with the pups. Personally I find younger women attractive, age doesn't make you blind. But staring, smiling, flirting or making them feel the slightest bit uncomfortable in your presence ungraceful and undignified, plus being a complete no no.

I like younger women. But I am not in anyway interested in children. Age is just a number, but it gives one a fair idea of experience and maturity. We must judge one another on our actions.

I have a lot of young friends. Some of them are girls & yes I am very attracted to some of them. I don't prey on them but hope one day that one will be the rare one that likes older men. I hope that they will find me attractive & approach me.

You are now four years older and therefore four years more educated in the older man!

How are you? Did you have a good weekend?

I happen to be that rare guy that actually "likes women." Yep, I like them, I'm the kind of guy that can be called if a woman is stuck with a flat tire. Just the way I was raised. And I have no "age fetishes," I'm age-indiscriminate, that's just who I am.

I have dated several younger girls..... i enjoy it...a younger woman keeps me young... and gives more stable experiences to her as well :)

I believe that men befriending younger women is somewhat acceptable. I've messaged younger women on here but respectfully. There needs to be lines that people shouldn't cross. I find that stuff older guys say to women on here to be crass or gross. I'm sure they wouldn't want an older man talking to their children in that manner.

you are right, not all older men are out for much, maybe just a friendship. and ,ay lik to talk those who are young at heart.


Well said

Please realize that this story was written two years ago, and I wasn't able to express myself as clearly as I am able to now. Though I am reluctant to change or delete any of my stories, I have made a few changes to this one today (4-27-12) to hopefully clarify my point of view.

Claiming to be 18 saves you but this is by and large a ********* rant - the whole shebang about how wonderful it is to have relations between older men and minor(s). Sorry. Blocked and flagged. Pedophiles are not «a stigmatized group». They're predatory criminals.

yes not all of us are creepy, just like young women. thank you

18 teeeeen and I like it like it.... I don't remember the rest of that tune but I like it like it... I think it was the rollings stones gettin stoned. Yea and I like it like it....

what!? a young woman who is unashamed and honest? sweet. ;)~

I too adore young women of all ages, but I have never actively "pursued" one. I believe if the spark hits them when they meet or see me, then what is to be is entirely up to them.<br />
Age is really mind over matter: If you don't mind, it doesn't matter.<br />
<br />
Me, I have the body and wisdom that 50 years on this rock can give you, and still have the mind and passion of someone half my age.

Good for you daddyd0690! I am completely for consensual relationships. Mental maturity means so much more than physical. As long as there is great respect in a relationship, I see nothing wrong with it.

Thank you for the lovely comments jake303 and theladylicker! Buddhawannabe, no I have not found an older man nor am I interrested in one at the moment.