Why Does It Smell Like Wet Dog In Here?

Sorry, I was watching Van Helsing. I do love that movie... :) Anyways....

It is in my experience that guys my age will just use me for the night and then throw me away. If I don't give them what they want, then they stop caring. I need a guy that is willing to deal with my scars, my burdens, and show me the right path. I need a guy that isn't just looking for a one night stand. I need a guy who is confident in himself. I need a guy who doesn't always need me to be the strong one. I need a guy who is stable and mature.

It is also in my experience that older men can provide that for me. I need an experienced guy who is willing to take it slow and show me the ropes. I can't and won't get that from guys my age. I need a man who can show me that being touched isn't a bad thing and nothing to be scared of. 

I've always had an attraction towards older men and they've always had an attraction towards me. Sometimes its led to bad things, but I've forgiven them for it; it hasn't seemed to change my preference. 

For the record, that was not an invitation, simply... an observation. 

So, there's my two cents. 
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Jul 10, 2010