He Knows

My man is 12 years older then me.

I was a virgin when we got together and well now I have a son.

before him i did date. The instance that comes to mind is with the guy i was seeing had just turned 19.
I was at his place for 2 hours before he got home (he still lived with his mother and father.) chatting with his mother and helping out with the washing. He gets home, and without so much as looking at me he's jumping around the house (for 45 minutes mind you) that Dima Borgia were coming to Adelaide. after that he was like "Hi Xia"... not cool.

However my fiance back when I first moved in, rushed home from the workshop, and when he got in the door he'd pull me into him and just hug me for ages. Then I'd make him a coffee etc.

The other thing that was different between the 19yr old and the 31yr old was about sex.
my ex was pushing for it from day one. When I got with my fiance we had the talk and I explained I wasn't ready yet and he understood. It was me that chose when we first made love. (I say made love not to be naive or anything but because that's how he made me feel, loved and protected.)

I love my now 34yr old and I'm NEVER going back to younger.
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12 years my sound like a lot, but as time goes by.. it matters less and less. So glad you are happy.

Good for you, for knowing what it was you wanted and sticking with it. I wish you and your husband all the best..