Older Men Can Keep Up!

I was a very studious child. I had friends my age, but was always more comfortable with an older group. As I got older, dated guys my age and was disappointed over and over again. I prefer satire, dry humor, educated wit. They told fart jokes. I love to read the classics, they were not reading at all. Just so different, maturity-wise.

Guys my age always wanted to pressure me for sex. I didn't lose my virginity until I was 19, and it wasn't by choice. I was raped by a guy I had been dating. I guess he became impatient with make out sessions. I always had to fight my boyfriends off, but this time I couldn't and I was devastated. After that, I was determined to be alone for awhile.

When I was 21 I felt ready to give dating another chance. I found men my age were just as immature as I remembered. They didn't care about politics, books, current events, or goals. I even dated a guy who said that I would be sexier if I stopped using big words! I was just about ready to give up when I met my future husband. I was 22 and he was 42. We shared so many common interests. He was warm, funny, kind, and didn't pressure me for sex. When I was ready, the sex was amazing! Nothing like the inexperienced fumblings that I had previously encountered. He was worried about the age difference at first, but he soon realized that age doesn't matter so much when you find your soulmate.

We have been married two blissful years. I am 26 and he is 46. I thank god every day that we met. Without him, I wouldn't know how it feels to love someone so much that you can't imagine life without them. He is my reason for breathing, and the most important man In my life, next to our baby boy!
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Wonderful stroy. Thank you for sharring.

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It's a wonderful story you have there. I'm a 36-40 year old guy, who after going out with my last girlfriend of the same age for 8 years, am now not sure if I am more suited to either a mature younger girl, or an older woman. I have just stumbled on this forum, and it's only my 2nd post, but very glad I found it. The stories have been so inspirational so far. I never knew there are that many girls out there preferring to look for older men. I was thinking I am almost past my sell by date.

Aww, thanks! Glad you liked my story.

I'm glad, too. I'd hate to be one of those victims that cringes away from men and sex. I have my husband to thank for reawakening a part of myself I thought I'd lost.

Thanks! Yeah, there are guys out there that want to get married. Never thought I wanted to but he totally changed my mind!

Absolutely! They make women feel adored, which is a feeling I am addicted to. Thanks for your comment.

Hi Esoteric, I have always been attracted to much older men ever since I was a teen, they are mature and know how to handle girls with dignity and such.

Don't worry, she's out there, and you'll find her. The problem is that most women, especially young women, tend to dress up and dumb down when looking for a partner. Ask pointed questions (what books are you reading right now? What are your thoughts on the BP spill? Etc...) and you'll weed out the good ones. Happy hunting!

I'm the older guy looking for something the same as you. The lady I want doesn't spend endless hours shopping, at the hairdresser.. gossiping about their "friends" etc. She reads books, follows the national and local news and can discuss the ramifications of her position on events. Oh well.. and likes a bit or a lot of sex! So.. my quest continues. Bill in Va.