Ever Since I Was A Kid...

Okay I'll try to keep this as short as possible, but once I have a thought there's no stopping me lol. All my life I've been attracted to older men who could be anywhere from 10-25 years older than me. I actually don't think there was ever a time that I have been attracted to a man my own age or in my age group. I grew up pretty fast, even faster than normal. I hit puberty when I was 6, developed breasts when I was 8 and finished when I was 13. In addition I was mentally mature as well so most of my friends were sometimes 3-5 years older than me, although I can get along with any one. I remember feeling out of place when girls would talk about boys in our class they liked or popular teen stars because I always thought those boys were way to young for me. I know that sounds strange, but I guess because of the circumstances I viewed myself older somehow. When I was in my teen years my dad's friends would sometimes forget my age and have this personally conversations with me and by the time I was 10ish I was caring for myself which only made me feel more like an adult. My first sexual attractions toward men was when I was in the 2nd grade, and I remember how the thought of a 30 year old guy made me feel all tingly and "good". My biggest crush was when I was 10 and it was on a 19 year old (the youngest guy I ever fell for). He was very down to earth and the funniest guy I had ever met up to that point. I had flirted with him relentlessly and I think even tried to seduce him. Of course because of my looks he thought I must have been 14 or something; all I know is he was extremely shocked when I told him I was 10! The next year (I met him at a camp) he must have forgotten my age because I had gotten him to flirt back with me and which drew attention to the other people at the camp. The next big infatuation was later that year, but this time the guy was 37! Of course he didn't flirt back but other men his age would often hit on me thinking I was in my late teens. For example one of my dad's employee's began hitting on me when I was 12. I don't blame the guy however because I was used to always being the attention of older men. Don't get the wrong idea I didn't dress inappropriately and dreaded make-up until I was 15. In fact all this sexual attention made me quite modest up until my early teen years. This guy however, thought I was 17 which was the general answer when someone guessed my age at that time. Up until then I thought liking extremely older men was natural even though children in my class would make fun of me for having interest in a what they thought were "dirty old men!"...if it wasn't bad enough they would bully me in the 3rd grade for having C cups. Naturally I became confused and stayed away from dating guys. Its funny when I was a freshmen seniors would always ask me out thinking I was a junior or another senior they might not have met but I would always tell them they were too young for me lol! So it went until I was 14, and my sex life was changed forever. People who knew me would tell me I was no fun because I acted to much like an adult or a family member would pressure me into doing things people my age would do, which I had little interest in. It wasn't like I was trying either, it just happened. The next year my love life and feelings for older men became extremely more intimate and dangerous. If this sounds confusing to you imagine how it was for me; being the only 4th grader who read the evening paper while swooning over George Clooney. So I guess my love for older men isn't because of looks, money, the fact that he had more experience or a car, but was something that I didn't have to think about and naturally came to me. Perhaps it was just another side-effect of my early biological clock beginning and loss of childhood.
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I wish I knew you all my life :)

You sound like a very mature young woman to me. But it's a shame that you missed childhood. I think you're lucky that you haven't been "branded" a Lolita.

Sounds like you are clear about what you like.

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