I Wan't One!

Yeah, I really want an older man! I don't want to be with a boy my age, I want and older more mature man. A man old enough that he could have been my father.! But he's nowhere to be found... yet..! ;D
FunGirl101 FunGirl101
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i am new here and like you search and have not found her maybe you and i get together be friends see what happens mcmutt6@gmail.com

Hey, don't give up!! I have found one!! He's 62 to my 39 and a hell of a sexy man! It can, does and will happen :)

Now if we just knew what you looked like?

I have the experience of a girl intruding my thoughs.however I discouraged her.I share good relations with her but don't allow her to intrude further.However I don't know why at the same time I feel attracted to her.I just enjoy her thoughts but in reality discourage her for her own good or probably because I don't know to handle her if she gets seriously involved.Your liking is very natural but I tell you a mature man loves the company of young body with mature mind.and loves the vulnerability.

lol I see an orderly queues forming already !! lol looks like you'll get your wish fungirl ! lol

I would like to see a picture of you.

hi there fungirl 101 so you like the plder man thats good cos im in my late 40s and i can would tease then please you ,would show you how to experience the art of sex and to fulfil your fantasies

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I am very intrigued by your 'I Like Older Men' post. Two of my friends whom are girls aged 26 and 28 currently go out with men much older than them. Jessica 26 goes out with a man 50 yrs old, and Jane 28, goes out with a man about 48. What inspired me to post a reply here, is that I would love to hear your story why to prefer an older man. I haven't asked Jessica why she likes older men, but she said that when she first met him, she just thought of him as an old man. Then much later in their friendship, they became a couple. I myself am between 36-40, and currently not in a relationship. In my last relationship I went out with a girl my age, but in retrospect, I don't think she was mature enough for me. I am thinking maybe I would prefer an older woman. But to be honest age isn't really a concern for me as long as I get on with a girl. But I think I tend to get on better with either young girls who have a more mature personality like Jessica I mentioned, or yourself, hee hee, or maybe I should be looking for an older woman.

I am a young mature man of 42 years of age. I am searching for my beautiful young virgin bride. Could you be the one for me? Contact me if you think that you could be the one or if you know someone that could be. Thank you.

Are you for real? you can't be looking that hard, I'm probably too young for you, only 40 but if you were my girl I would treat you like my daughter, give you only the best of me xxx