What Is It About Dating Older Men?

I know what why, but I have always been interested in someone older than myself. So, I have usually gone out with someone either two years or older than myself. I guess a lot of it has to do with the fact that they seem wiser and I guess to a certain degree is the attraction. The oldest person I went out with was 14 years older than me. A lot of people would comment or ask if he was my father.. strange.. I was in my late 20's when we first met and that relationship lasted for 13 years, though now we are still friends. The relationship helped me learn about myself - develop. It opened a new world of sexuality for me. Friends would comment that it was because I was looking for a father figure. All, I can say is that sometimes you come across someone and things seem to click for the both of you and you just go with it..amidst the anger and disappointment of family and friends. Now I am getting ready to marry someone who is three years younger than me. It no longer matters.. that he is younger than me. I guess at the end of it all - what matters is someone who has a strong sense of who they are. I am talking about at this stage of my life when you are in your 40's I expect to at least know yourself. Funnily enough, though he is younger than me, I sometimes feel he is older than me... in wisdom..We make a good match and we compliment each other..
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Thank you for sharing. If the image is of you your choices have helped keep you young.

thats great,<br />
hope u guide the younger one for the new comer when u are satiated, so the cycle is on and the world is happily united in generations too !!!

Was wondering about your heritage! What a perfect combination! Your just too lovely and it's my sorrow that you're getting out of the market (as in getting married).. BoHo.. Bill in Va.

Thank you CS, you are awfully kind.. ahh .. the lessons of life has helped.. and ofcourse a willingness to learn from ones mistakes.. of which I have made quite a bit. Helps having good genes.. I have to thank my mother for her Tahitian genes.. lol