I Am 18 And Love Older Men.

I am not even talking about a couple years older I am talking about a real age difference. Like when he was maybe 18 or even 21 I was just being born. I know that is a terrible way to look at it but let be honest with ourselves that is how it is. Every since I have started liking guys I always remember liking them older. It just they are older, wiser and so much more mature. Especially in today society it is hard to find a good man for us women. I don’t know if I am old fashion but I like a guy that takes care of me and treats me with respect. I am a senior in high school right now and the come on today is,”Ohh that is a nice looking *** you got there.” Are you kidding me! That is even considered a come-on? Well come on and do something better than that cause I don’t feel flattered, I feel insulted. First off how about you look at my face! After all I spend some much time cleaning it and perfecting it with make-up. For some reason I think older men are so much manlier. They know how to make you feel good in all the right places(not just sexually) and know how to handle a real women or even a young lady.

Edit: I am thinking of deleting this story because I am tired of ******* older men now too.

ReEdit of edit: I was going to delete this page but I was convinced otherwise. First off I don’t want to delete it because it something I posted and was personally. It something I was feeling at the moment and shows how much I have change from just that short amount of time from that post plus I mean it I am happy I am of legal age and I do like older guys. I just think though I presented myself in the wrong way and having some of you men misinterpret what I said. I am not one of those younger girls that like to have fun, go clubbing and “adventurous”(whatever you want to call). I am 18 going on 30. I am an old soul I guess you can say. Sue me if I am not wild and crazy. I like the kind of older men that are 30, 40 or even 50 and ACT THERE AGE. Not trying to refind there youth. Now don’t get me wrong I can be fun and crazy in my own way but I don’t want some of the men that have been adding me thinking there gonna get some whip ***** or something to have “fun” with. Move along cause I am not that kind of girl. I want friendship and then maybe something more serious.

The ReEdit of the ReEdit:
So I thought I would update my fantastic news as I am rarely on here which will because of college, work, and my new found fiancé. Yes, to my older man. Ive known him since I was 2 months shy of being 18(so yes I was 17) and when he was 31 I was just being born. Ive been talking to him for four years now and had always been in love with him. Ive been dating him since June of last year. We plan on getting married when I am 22 so it will be a long engagement but that’s okay. Especially since I know people will be thinking it so soon to be thinking of marriage after not even a year of dating but thing is my heart has been his since that first day I heard his rich honey voice when I was just 17 year old in my senior year of high school. We are going to elope to Vermont because its easier and cheaper. He is a gentlemen a serious man of few words and reserved man. A good, decent, hard working man, retired from serving over 20 years in the navy. Oh yea man in uniform;)
I am just so in love and so happy. Glad that he is finally mine and wouldn’t trade him or anything we have had or shared for anything. Thank you so much for reading, commenting, and messaging me about this story.
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I like runing I'm in a runing club I like going out at the weekend

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Tell me something.
In all seriousness.
Having read your last story, to me you seem just a little confused.
Is your attraction to older men physical as well as psychological?
Or both?
I am really curious to find out who you are and how you think.

Good luck to you.
I think that I can understand where you are coming from.
Just be careful about idealising older men.
Thank you for sharing.

I feel the same way i thought i was alone but hey its never going to change be steong accept those feelings :)

Good for you Girl, I damire you for speaking your mind ......and standing your ground in respect of your outlook on life.

I have had sex with women MUCH younger than myself, certainly young enough to be my daughter, but I find that most women that young don't appreciate what a mature man brings, sexually. As much fun as sex with a 20-something woman is, I really prefer sex with a woman in her 30's or 40's, and I've even had great sex with women in their 50's, 60's, and even 70's! It's really not their age that matters, but their attitude, skills and level of experience! Though the body may not be young and tight, sex with a 70-yo can be an awesome experience!

Ahhhh! You have discovered how many men are emotionally stuck in high school. Just go for mister right whatever his calendar age.

Hmm, I was thinking you would find arsehole men after writing that. Sorry that had to happen, but seems inevitable.

I like your original story... and maybe your update even better... refreshing to see such honesty and clear mindness..<br />
<br />
Kiss<br />

I am glad and hoppefully this time he is as horny and kind as you are... and of course courteous and with style... hehe

(read my story.&gt;. to understand what the EP escape means to me)


This was a great post with some great feedback. You are going to be well ahead in life because you have a great attitude and are more aware of what you want. The truth is, you will find creeps in any age bracket. <br />
<br />
Older men have advantages , because we have much more control over our minds and body. When we were young and in our teens the testosterone level was high and then you can't think straight. :) <br />
<br />
Now, when you are older, we are living a more balanced life and that allows for us to be more in tune to what women need and what buttons to push when. Women are like piano's, the have 88 buttons and when played right, the music is beautiful. :) <br />
<br />
Keep up you your good posts... :)

I will be reading ... off to work I go. Have a great day. :)

I hope you find what you are looking for. Men of all ages have their moments, good, bad and ugly. Best of luck. And I have to say most older men have dreams of making love to youger woman. I know I do.

I think you'll find yourslef a great guy. It's no one's business who you go out with, it's that simple. Yes, most guys are immature, but you'll find yourself a guy who loves you for you.

Wow Esther..........I love the way your mind works........Great advice............I love being the older guy in the room..........and I love the passion and lust for life that a young mind brings to any relationship......whether it be simply friends........friends with bennies............or romantic........<br />
<br />
Thank for sharing...........<br />
<br />
Littlechakita101............I would love to be your friend.........

Going back to an earlier post, about your inexperience in bed, most considerate men would take that into account and go slowly as you learn. Older men are more likely to be considerate and would enjoy teaching a less experienced girl. Young guys just want to get their rocks off.

Would like to be added, please. Thank you

could you bear being added by a 51 year old?

Kisses and very interesting to see that we can cause soime stir... send you a big hug

hey, I'm 22 and my fiance is 47. We get on soooo well. His wife died about 5 years ago and we met online through, believe it or not, youtube. lol. We've been together for over 2 years now, and we've lived together for nearly 1 year. He has two daughters, who are older than me, but we all get on so well. <br />
<br />
I've had sexual feelings for older men since I was 10. I've dated guys my age and they're really boring and so childish. They're also pretty bad in bed. I once dated a 37 year old for 8 months, but he had terrible emotional problems. <br />
<br />
I guess when you're dating older men you've got to watch out that they're not just with you 'cause you're young and it makes them look better. <br />
<br />
My current partner took about 6 months to get used to dating me (in a public setting). He used to be embarrassed when we were in public together. But now he's so loving and romantic when we're out and about. <br />
<br />
If you're looking for a relationship with an older man, you have to be patient. They will have stronger views on relationships than younger guys do (which may conflict with your own views); if they were in a long term relationship before you, they may jump to conclusions when you do something which reminds them of their previous partner. But don't take it personally. All these things can be worked through with understanding and patience. If you both really love each other, there's nothing you can't overcome.<br />
<br />
Also, sometimes a relationship with an older man may mean losing some people in your life. My parents practically disowned me when they found out how old my partner is. But all my friends have been understanding.<br />
<br />
The beginning of our relationship was hard, but it was WELL worth it. <br />
<br />
Older guys are hotter, much more interesting, and (from my experience) brilliant in bed. <br />
<br />
I still feel as madly in love with my fiance as I did when we first met. <br />
<br />
Hope you find a really nice man. <br />
<br />