My Second Experience Of Anal Sex

When I was 25 I moved to the city and took up a job in a law firm. I was staying with friends of my parents until I found my own place. I hadn’t seen them since I was a teenager but it worked out OK. The wife took it upon herself to help me meet people and, through her, I soon got a better paying job. The husband, Arnold, was fine while we were all together, but pestered me heaps when his wife wasn’t around.

I actually didn’t mind, even played up to him a little. He was late 40s and quite handsome, though he was thickening about the waist a bit. I liked his mature conversation and also that he knew so much about music and art. His sophistication was such a pleasant change from the arrogant young men I seemed to attract at work.

I also liked the way he came on to me. As soon as we were alone in the house it would start. It was flirty and fun and he seemed to understand where the limit was. I pretended to be affronted, of course, but he was quietly persistent each time and broke down my resistance. A wink would progress to a touch on the arm; touch on the arm would progress to a caress on my backside; that would lead to a squeeze of my boob.

Nothing happened while I was staying with them. The most was a rather hot and lingering kiss one evening after we’d had some wine. I guess we were both conscious of his wife being around…

In due course I found an apartment and Arnold took a day off work to help me move in. Once we got the main furniture in, he produced a bottle of champagne to celebrate. I found glasses and he started to flirt as we sipped. I guess neither of us felt the usual constraint because before the bottle was half empty he had me ******** to the waist and was nuzzling my breasts.

It felt great – he was gentle and knew how to get my nipples hard. I’m hopeless when that happens and was soon ready to go further. So I didn’t resist when he got me out of my slacks, kissed the insides of my knees, then thighs, and tugged my panties down. He soon had me on my back on the couch, legs spread, kissing and lapping at my parts. God he was good! I hadn’t been licked very often before and I really love it. In no time he had me on the path to a big ******.

After he had made me ***, I expected him to want to ****. But he just settled me down and continued to lick away. I was squirming and panting and soon came again. At that point he stood, smiled and ********. I gently rubbed my parts and watched as he revealed a brown hairy chest, slim strong hairy thighs and, finally, his ****. It was semi-hard and swung out from his bushy groin, his wrinkled ball sac hanging low. I reached for him, took the warm tube in my hand, wanked it so that the glans poked out of the foreskin.

I thought we would **** but he crouched over my parts again, shifted and lowered himself over me so we were in a 69 position. This was good and I sucked on him, brought him to a full erection. I was loving having his **** in my mouth and showed him that I had good skills – took him all the way, sucked his balls till he groaned, licked his **** slit and the inside of his foreskin.

For his part, he focussed on my **** with his mouth and started to use his fingers on my vagina. I liked that he pinched my labia, stroked up and down on the inside of the flaps, pulled them out and stretched them. I also liked his fingers sliding inside my cunnie and the slurpy slushy noises they made.

I soon came again and he eased off my ****, shifted his mouth to my labia. He sucked and nipped all around my ***** and his fingers got busy between my buttocks. I was a little unsure as he circled a finger around my anus, coating it with juices, then pushed it in. I wasn’t sure where he was heading - it was three years more or less since I’d had my only experience of anal sex and I’d not had any further anal experience of any kind.

But Arnold’s finger felt OK and after a while he added a second. I moaned round his **** to let him know it was alright and he took that as a sign to slip in a third. I could feel him adding salive and then my rosebud stretched and he was ******* all three fingers back and forth. He got his mouth back on my **** and I got an instant rush, had to arch up. At the same time he bucked his hips and started to **** my face.

God it was hot! I’d never had sex like it! I could barely cope with his **** as it banged the back of my throat, and I couldn’t keep still as he worked my **** and arse. Saliva overflowed my mouth and ran over my cheeks and neck. But I didn’t want it to stop; enjoyed this rough treatment; wanted his ***.

Finally he started to groan and lurch. I sucked harder, caught his balls in one hand and gently squeezed, twisted. With a yell he stiffened, lifted his head away from between my legs and drove his **** deep as he could. I felt it lurch and pulse, ***** jetting in the back of my throat. It was too deep to taste and I had to wait until he finished and pulled away before I could swill the load and savour it.

We were both sweating and Arnold hugged me, laughed, poured us more bubbly. He said he’d been wanting to do that for weeks and I fluttered my eyelashes, said I hoped it was worth it. He laughed, slapped my flank, called me a minx.

He said he’d help me to finish unpacking. For the next couple of hours we moved about the flat naked, putting things away. He got lots of gropes in and I let him hold and kiss me a couple of times. Finally we were finished and he suggested a shower.

Once we were in the shower stall, hands started going everywhere. He washed my breasts and between my legs, turned me around and washed between my cheeks. Then he went to his knees and started licking right on my anus.

I had never experienced that and it felt strange. He slid a finger between my labia and lghtly massaged my ****. Before long his tongue in my butt felt really good. His fingers and tongue were magic. I slowly built to a climax and he had to hold me round the waist as I shuddered and my knees buckled.

The water was going cold and he dried me, took me through to the bedroom. There were no sheets on the bed yet but he just eased me down so I was sitting on the edge. His **** was hanging just in front of my face and I didn’t hesitate to take it between my lips, suck on it.

Arnold stroked my wet hair as I gradually got his **** hard. He told me that I was sexy as hell, that he loved my body, that I gave a great bj, and so on. Sure do love it when a guy says things like that!

I was taking his **** deeper, massaging his balls, when he said that he really loved my bum – loved playing with it, loved slipping his fingers in it, loved licking and tonguing it. I let his **** out for a moment, told him I had enjoyed what he did to my butt, then took him in my mouth again.

He went on for a minute more about how he loved my bum, then put his hand on the side of my face, stopping me. I looked up and he asked me if I thought I would enjoy it if he put his penis in my bottom, ****** me anally.

I didn’t know if I would enjoy it, but he asked so sweetly and was such a considerate lover that I soon consented. We looked around for lubricant and ended up with some moisturiser I use for sunburn. By now he had lost his erection and I spent an enjoyable couple of minutes sucking him hard while he fingered and stretched my bummie.

He slid in without much trouble. Maybe it was all the tonguing and fingering. Or maybe I was just relaxed about it because my previous anal experience had been with a considerably bigger ****. In any case, he was soon ******* me deep and fast as I knelt on the bed. It was OK and after a while I was comfortable enough that I could squeeze his **** a little, push back at him.

He turned me onto my back and I put my ankles on his shoulders. We both sighed as his **** slid back into my pooper and I decided this was a much better position for anal sex. I watched his face get redder and sweatier, his eyes begin to glaze and held him tightly when he started to buck hard and fast.

He lay on top of me for ages after he’d ***, gently kissing my lips and face, licking the sweat from my neck and breasts. He told me I was fantastic, a great lover, and so on. All things that made me feel good.

We showered again and had coffee before he left. He asked if I was OK with things, could he come over again soon. That was the start of a long and satisfying affair. It turned out that his wife didn’t like anal sex and they hadn’t done it since early in their marriage. On the other hand, I was happy to let him have all the anal sex he wanted!
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Let me know if you need help with your next move!

I love women who really like anal!

Wow! Well written and sounds like you had an incredible experience! Good for you!

Now, that is hot! Good read.

Fantastic read.

Wow! This is a very hot story Alicia! I'm stroking my long uncut foreskin while I read it! I wish I were that guy with you in the story! Thank you for sharing your story with us!

Most girls are initiated to anal sex by older men. As should be...

OK, but you still haven't converted me.

Very nice.

Very hot story...does he still get to have your ***?

YAY...!! Great and sexy "you" not the story... ; ) ok the story : ))

Wow, that was well written. You got me excited!

I wondered about that. i am a Christian, but I am not "religious". Christian is my name, and I play bass. I did get a different you tube name. i should use that. But can I keep the same account?
Anyway, Christians do have sex though haha. and i know several Christian women who are very into what you wrote about...amen! lol

I think you mean fornicating, not adultery. I don't want to thump a bunch of Bible studies at you, but sex is a God given thing and because of Religion--not faith-- and a bunch of crazy people in the Middle Ages and the Victorian era --you know the same types of people who thought it was a good idea to go to Africa in huge ships, pack the ship full of African people and sail them back home in deplorable conditions-- sex and love became a thing of guilt and shame. Just look at the shame a little kid experiences with potty training...that guilt and self loathing IS NOT FROM GOD! AND CHRISTIANS ARE THE LEADING CAUSE OF atheism. Just because a bunch of Christians are messed up, just like other people, I am not going to hate God.

LOL! Thank you. I needed that. I better clarify...if i can stop laughing. I really needed someone who doesn't take life so seriously all the time to make me laugh--and you did:) The Bible of course was before the Middle ages and Victorian while the slave ships cross the Atlantic era, but I meant the guilt and all that stuff doesn't come from the bible. The crazy aforementioned people used it to instill guilt into people, just like Christian Identity people use the Bible to spout their Nazi doctrine. They say the white race are the chosen people etc etc.
Leviticus also says that you cannot shave the hair on the side of your head...and that is why Hasidic Jews have VERY long side burns. You cannot eat pork, you must marry your sister in law if your brother dies etc.
God spoke those laws for the jews at the time. They were bound by the law. The law was never meant to be able to be obeyed perfectly. That is why we needed free us from the law. Also in the Old Testament: Noah, the only guy who God found worthy to keep alive screwed his daughter. King David--a man after God's own heart--killed his brother and committed adultery. King Soloman--the smartest and richest man who ever was, and who will ever be--had hundreds of concubines to ****. Can I stop yet?I am not going to feel all guilty because I had sex. If I were married that is different. Somehow we went from-- The rules that Jews had to follow while they were on a never ending journey to the Land of Israel, made longer because they ****** up all the time and complained of being thirsty and worshiped a Golden calf while Moses talked to God in person and we weren't impressed...even when the Red Sea parted we still whined like ******* that our sandals got salty haha , to The 10 Commandments which are cool to Jesus who not only freed us from the Law and saved us by grace and said the greatest rule is Love God and love people to the crazy Vctorian, uh, you know slave ship middle ages thing...WHEW!!etc

I'm not sure what you mean. Maybe that was a bad choice of social norms of the time to use as an example. Did you want me to condemn your story and pound you with a bunch of Bible verses taken out of context? There are plenty of Christians and others who are willing to do that. My main point is that many people have used religion--not faith--to instill guilt upon people while at the same time did much worse things than what they are complaining about

If I remember correctly, you brought up religion because of my name. We have argued ever since haha, truce?

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Very exciting story.

I'm in a similar situation has Arnold. My wife does not like anal sex. I've found other women that do enjoy it and although I haven't had the experience yet, I do plan on doing it before I turn 50. I have this one massage therapist that has let me massage her on several occasions. I ended up fingering her bumm and she had several *******. I tend to go slow, but in the next few months, I'm hoping to replace my finger and mouth with my **** and enjoy it for the first time.

Once you find a girl who likes anal, believe me, stay with will communicate with her in ways you can,t even imagine from routine vaginal *******...

Thanks for the encouragement. I've had the privilege of massaging her again and while she was on her stomach, I gave her an anal massage based on what I read and videos I watched. With just my fingers rubbing in the appropriate places, she had numerous intense *******. She's setup a session for me to practice on a friend of hers. That was quite flattering.

Well written and a big turn on.

Isn't it marvelllous to know, in addition to everything else, that every time he fills your rectum with the juice from his balls, you deprive his wife of a ****? Not only that, but you're providing with your *** much more rewarding ******* for him, meaning you're by far a better woman than his wife is...When you meet her you can easily imagine how sad her vagina is, how tight her reluctant ******* that never sees anything but poop, and her shrivelling ****, since he now probably prefers yours a lot more!

I do so enjoy teaching my younger lovers how sensual and attentive a man can be when having sex. It's not always about Wham bam thank you ma'am. I love the way he relaxed you and made you comfortable with him playing with you *** until you were ready for the pleasure of a nice **** in your bum.

Hot story! Thanks for sharing it.

Lovely story

Amazing hot story! I've never done anal sex.Did it safe?I mean there are many bacterias there especially the colon bacillus. Don't you need to enemas? Or wear a condom?

Really?I want to try anal sex and even if my girl friend is OK with that I'm still concerned about if I will get any infection...

Fine...It's better be safe than sorry right?Maybe I'm just kinda too conservative.However If I'll try it I will definitely wear a condom! Though I do not like to wear it as it will ruin the feelings ! I've read one man's blog about his experience of anal sex.Firstly,he used a injector which was filled with the sour liquid to stick in his girl's *** hole and filled her *** full of the liquid to sterilize it for the first round.And the girl should hold the sour liquid for few minutes,then she can pour the liquid out of her.After that the man re-filled the injector with saline water and sterilize his baby girl's butt hole as the second round.After these two round of sterilization this man just couldn't wait to **** that hole.However, before he entering into that clean *** hole he still wore a condom for safety case.Anyway ,the condom is helpful to prevent the HIV.

Apologize...I guess I ruined the fabulous mood for the awesome anal sex...I should not make that kind of comment..Do you need me to delete it?I'll do it if you want.

\"baby girl\'????

No, that\'s fine, let it rip....but if clean her that much don\'t bother about the condom...anyhow we all know anal sex takes place in the poop chute, don\'t we?

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Been there done that. Loved that he made feel so good...

Wanna do it again?

A man feels a lot more loving with a woman he ***** anally. Great girl, great story...

Wonderfull story

Another well written experience. He enjoyed a vibrant woman and you found how good mature men can treat you.

This is an excellent story, defiantly got me hot. Wish I could get quality moving help like that. ;)

Spectacular. I'm in a similar situation to Arnold and really enjoyed the post

you got me hard with that story

This is the 2nd time I've read this. It was even hotter than I remembered!

My My that's HOT!!!

Wow sounds like a great day - wish i was a fly on the wall

Great story, nicely written!

There's only one person who's ever called me a minx - and I had a dream about him the other day!

Wow! great super sexy story . thats how my gf got to learn to love anal sex too. slowly tenderly and with lots of *** play and tongue ******* ! she especially loves it when i *** so hard and so much and give her a nice big warm cream pie ! and ur right, getting ****** up ur *** is wa better on ur back . play with ur pretty ***** next time you are getting ur *** pounded and see how hard you *** and i bet u might even squirt ! give it a try . u are a hot sexy generous lover babe. xo peter

had been married 30yrs never had anal,wife wouldn't let me any where near that part of her body, always wondered what it was like. now newly divorced would love to meet a sexy young lady like you so here's hoping, love the way you wrote your adventure, could almost taste it it was that good.

Just the way.anal should be done.

Very well told agian. Oh the things I'd love to do to your butt.

Great story, you are one sexy woman, please keep telling your story, love it mike

terrific tale

Nice story

Holy Smokes! That was an awesome story Alicia! I'm a complete wreck now! :-) Thanks hon!!!!

You have me as hard as a rock right now. You write great stories.

Alicia, that was a very hot, well told story. You should submit it to Literotica.

What a fantastic story! Very hot.. for I'm throbbing now.

This is a wonderful story.

What an amazing story, got me so hard.

h is a very lucky guy

Great story - who knew that anal sex could be so good for girls! really well written - thanks for the effort and posting.

What a wonderful story. I enjoy reading every moment of your pleasure! What a lucky sexy lady you are! It would be so nice to spend some time with you to have the same pleasure! Thank you for sharing!

A truly delicous story ----I think you would love my anal site called intelligentanalsex --- especially the stories<br />
<br />
I wish you lived in my area!

Good story, I'm going to check out what else you've got.

You are one Hell Sexy Woman!!!!

I love that story, and especially how he started slowly with you, making his intentions sort of clear, but not pressuring you. Letting you see how much you really wanted it. And then he was able to let loose with pleasing you. Older men are amazing I think :) The slow build up is amazing :)

wonderfull, simply

A wonderful story...keeps older mens hope up (among other things)....

Wow that was hot! I am always a believer that younger girls should try and older guy to gain more experience from them, they know a lot of the secrets to pleasing a woman!

Now that's a HOT story, thanks for sharing Alicia.

Wonderfully erotic and sensual. I wish it were me worshipping your luscious ***. Mmmm. Yum! ;)

I've tried anal sex a couple of times and it's been too painful both times. I'm not sure if it's me but my man is lubed and has been as gentle as can be. That said this was a crazy hot story of unbridled lust. I'm sure it was an amazing afternoon.

Next moving let me know to help you baby... Free services ;-)

Loved your story :)

sexy minx :D

Really, really enjoyed this story. Made we long fro my lover and her beautiful rear end entrance.

I think I would be ready to ***... if I wasn't at work probably I would have done it already... I took mi time reading for teh second time and found it even more delicious...this nice girl works wonders on me... wow what intense sensations to have here in my desk.. kisses my cowgirl


Oh god.....this is soooooo hot!!!!!

i read all your story...fantastic i'm exited to mutch to read it. i love lick and oral sex but i never try anal....i hope you can to post more really sexy

wow I so like this story, so desc<x>riptive as always... kisses in the gorgeous bits

Great story!

i made the movie in my mind and wow, very hot i wish i could be in there with you.

What a great story. I've tried it twice and it's hurt both times. Even with a guy who moved slow with plenty of lube. Not sure if I'm ready to try again but this story makes it sound appealing again.<br />
<br />

Terrific stroy, even better writing. You've got the gift.

Thats a greats story, reminds me of this girl whom I thought was prim and proper want me to **** hr up the ***, first time I foud out that they can cumm that way too was a new beginning for me and is still a journey

Thats a greats story, reminds me of this girl whom I thought was prim and proper want me to **** hr up the ***, first time I foud out that they can cumm that way too was a new beginning for me and is still a journey

Thats a greats story, reminds me of this girl whom I thought was prim and proper want me to **** hr up the ***, first time I foud out that they can cumm that way too was a new beginning for me and is still a journey

Great Story, any woman that likes older men and anal sex is my kinda woman !!

I love your story it makes me feel like I was their, damn I wish I was their!!!! Thanks

Very nice story... I love the way u describe your submissiveness in such a girlish normal way...

Awesome having a considerate lover that lets you take your time and find your own rythym... makes it far more intense for both people involved then.

you are so true - glad someone appreciates having a considerate lover.

wonderfull story alicia<br />
<br />
would be 48 old enough? :-)

Great story Alicia!!!

After just finding you today, this made me smile. I too, enjoy going down on a woman, and my wife is the same as his - one experience of anal was one too many. But I want more, and only my 'friends' offer me that. So it is with a smile that I read your story, wishing it were me helping you move :) (Maybe next time???)

Just outstanding and very erotic. Thanks for sharing with us.

Your stories get me absolutely rock hard. What a gorgeous sexy woman you are. xxxxxxxxxxxx