Attracted To Older Men

I've always been attracted to men older than me by at least 10-30 years. Even as a teenager, while my friends were giddy for Jon Bon Jovi, I had the hots for Sam Elliot! When I was 18-20, I made friends with an OM many years old who was attracted to me. (He was 78 I believe). I'd go into the restaurant where my friend worked and he and I would sit and chat over coffee, all quite innocently. I was always mature for my age and he was fun to be around. He always had a story and knew all the lastest gossip. lol After a while, the jokes and conversations got a bit off color~on both our parts but nothing terribly bad. I never realized how he felt about me until he told my friend. It never got physical as he was married. I knew his wife and while men who cheat (or want to!) often unfairly paint their wives as cold, unfeeling, hateful women, she actually was to everyone! Nothing really out of line ever happened between us. Well, except for his expressed appreciation for my breasts and him 'accidently' brushing against them while reaching for something on the cafe table. lol

I'm now in a relationship with a wonderful older man who makes me feel like the most gorgeous thing ever. He never fails to compliment me on everything to my appearance to my intelligence. He's a warm, loving, affectionate man with passion that is unmatched! He's absolutely the best lover I've ever had. And so sexy! Tall, very tan with black hair streaked with just enough gray. He's such a good man with such a kind heart with the same values I have. He's the love of my life. :) I met him after my divorce from my adulterous H whom I was with for 25+ years; a man close to my age.(WTH was I thinking??) My OM's intelligence, kindness, wit, conversation skills, humor, and I'll admit it, his looks, attracted me to him. His life experiences have been so valuable to me and he always gives me great advice, but only if I ask for it. I dated quite a bit after my divorce. All were older but one guy who was 15 years younger than me.(Again, WTH was I thinking???) I just didn't get inot the 'cougar' thing. Why date a boy when you can have a real man?
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Glad to read (I think) that you are happy with your O M -- ---- Those of us older guys (65 me) who appreciate younger ladies love to read stories like yours....... And yes -- WE DO TRY HARDER.<br />
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By the way there are some of us that wonder off the straight and narrow, who don't belittle there wives. I love mine very much she is a great lady 17 years younger than me --- But I do from time to time give in to temptation --- Bad Me.

Hi, I'm sorry but I had to laugh when I read your "cougar" comment. The best sex I ever had was with a guy who told me he was 60, (he looked younger but I believe him). He was relaxed, confident, loving and tender. He made me feel so good, from the very beginning to the end. He was just a tiny bit bigger down there than I would have liked but he was a little bit "softer". I don't mean that he couldn't get it up, I mean it wasn't so rock hard, it was pretty comfy. He went down on me and got me off and gave me a mind blowing ****** before he entered me. Even with his size kind of scaring me, he had so completely prepared me that it didn't really hurt much at all. After he started doing me, he would stop doing it and kiss me and nibble on my neck and ear lobe (drives me nutz) then continue doing me.

LOL Its ok cause I had to laugh at your 'comfy' remark. I dated a much younger guy once so I guess I was a cougar for a bit. And a 'little bit' it was! VERY little! lol I know what you mean about the mind blowing ******. My older BF has a degree in it!