Bedtime Stories

  He slid in behind me and wrapped one arm round my stomach; he was naked, and he felt thicker than normal. His **** was nestled firmly between the cheeks of my ***, with the head pressing against the base of my tight little cunny. I felt his breath on the nape of my neck and he whispered something in a hushed voice that I couldn't quite make out; whatever it was, it sounded distinctly sexual and I felt myself getting wet at the unusual aggression.
  "You feel so good tonight," I whispered back - he kissed me behind my ear in response, a soft, wet little kisses that left my earlobe wanting more. His **** was rock hard now, and the length of it split my moist cunny from behind, his head poking out from between my thighs in the front. I spread my legs a little and reached down with both hands, one to caress him, the other to rub my ****.

  "You know," I said, "I've been off the pill a few weeks now."

  He didn't reply, but he shifted his hips so that his cockhead was sliding into me; he felt so much thicker than normal that for a moment I almost realized something was wrong. He wrapped his arms tighter round me and began to rock his hips, his **** working my g-spot from behind at the perfect angle. ****, he felt so good I could barely stand it. I was the luckiest little wife in the whole wide world.

  I bit my lip and enjoyed the movement of his body against mine; for a while, it seemed as though we were the only people on the entire earth, and like his **** belonged inside me every minute of every day. I wanted to worship it, the way it felt inside me. And normally my poor hubby had trouble with ******* too quickly but on that night he seemed to last forever.

  And then I heard something a few feet in front of me shifting in the bed - my eyes snapped open, and as they began to adjust I saw the sweet, familiar face of my hubby in the darkness. His mouth was open and his eyes were closed and he'd begun to snore softly - but I still felt that thick, beautiful **** inside me, throbbing and full and ready to fill my fertile womb. I looked down and for the first time noticed the thick gray hairs on my mystery lover's arms, and turning back I was met with a kiss not from my husband, but the older man who lived next door!

  "Anabelle," he whispered softly - but this was not my name. I thought that the poor old coot must not realize what he was doing, and missed the mischievous little glimmer in his eyes. "God you have such a tight ****, Annabelle."

  I closed my eyes and bit my lip - surely it had to be a dream...but that thick **** kept grinding into me, kept inching me closer to the precipice of an earth-shaking ******. I knew at once that I couldn't stop him; that I didn't want him to stop. Some awful part of myself felt like it was okay since he didn't know what he was doing; and if i fussed or tried to push him off, how would I explain that to my hubby?

  The old man was becoming more forceful, grinding me harder and harder, and before long I found myself pinched between him and my sleeping husband. I felt my husband's leg between my thighs and couldn't keep myself from rocking my hips and rubbing my **** up against him while the old man ****** me from behind. I began to moan and whimper, burying my face into my husband's chest - he stirred and woke sleepily, but seemed not to realize in the darkness that there was another man already ******* me.

  I whimpered softly, taking my hubby's hands in mine as I felt the old man's **** tense and throb, ready to pump me full of his ***.
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Bravo! I'm sure you know that your words aroused me completely. It's moments like this that make me happy that I am a nudist so that there are no "restrictions" on my body's responses.

Restrictions, by the way, should be in the form of leathers wrist and ankle cuffs snugly secured by a trusted lover.

A wonderful written story - I felt as I were there :)

mmm i want to be this old man

So talented u are, Sweet , sexy story !!!<br />
Please add me , love to read ur lovely stories.

Your playful thoughts make me smile.

Wow absolutely perfect story - felt like i was in the room with you

loved this story..the narration me very excited....

It feels so good. I'm hard and *******

it feels so good sliding my hard **** inside your *****. i'm ******* now

You are Very Hot and im your older guy.

I'm ******* hard baby