Love Older Men

I like older men - usually 10 - 15 years older than me...firstly, they tend to know what they are doing, they are also secure - not financially (not an important thing to me) but they are settled and they know what they want in life...they know that you can have intelligent conversation with a woman without it always being about sex, they are more self assured, they are not afraid to be caring and show that they love you - it is not a sign of weakness to them...

So I like older (40 +) - unattached (made that mistake once) - dominant men...they have to know where they are going in life and be on the way to achieving it...their goals don't have to be material but they have to have something they strive for...he has to be intelligent and funny - know when i need to be controlled and know when i need to be held - and not be afraid to do either.

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Do these men need to be single?

Yes. You are right. Maturity comes with age, and maturity aids controlling and holding without fear. They can satisfy your needs as they are young in mind and love their partners sincerely

Age difference is huge not so much when partners are young but when someone scales Over the Hill wall then much is compromised in ability and stability.

There is something special about an older man, They have more knowledge, more life experiences. They are more sure of themselves and much more mature. <br />
They age much better then women too - they just seem to get better looking with age.

Older men what a delight. I feel in love with a man 42 years my senior. What joy we were married. Joy filled 14 years, filled with love, happiness and fun. What pain. I knew I loved him with everything that was in me; at that moment he was called to be with the Lord at 83 years. I realized the depth of our love, deeper than and valley, wider than any sky and fuller than any ocean. The love of life ended at the second he left at 2:32 a.m. in the morning January 10, 2005. He left me with these final words,,, "Baby you'll never know how much I love you. Live, Laugh, Love and Love somemore." I'm search and reaching and want to do just that, my best friend is gone. Now I walk through the day alone, sleep when I can alone. I have all the world say I should have, a home, car, land, things all pain for. They are empty without the love and laughter of your best friend and soul mate. I would like to do what he requested, live, laugh, love and love somemore. You can not do it alone.

I with you Flugelblues...older men rock;)))

Thank you very much 1Gentleman! :)

Oh, we'd enjoy each other. You are a wise young woman...

hi ! could you find your choice or still waiting for more older ? <br />
once you invite , it will be difficult to choose from long list.<br />
however,i appriceiate your choice.since older aged men have also wish to get too younger/

TY! If you are looking for a younger woman then I am sure that you will find one. I wish you well in your search!

wish i could meet someone like you here in va beach, va

You are both right. I have found that a 10 year gap is perfect for me. My partner is 43 and I honestly don't notice that there is an age gap - we are just incredibly well suited in all ways.

When I was 21 I married a man 10 years older than me. lasted about 7 years.<br />
Now I am engaged to a man that will turn 51 three days after I turn 41. I think the age gap stays. 10 years seems to be just about perfect for me. My loves late wife was his age mate, so this is new to him, to have a younger woman. I want a man that I can love, respect and adore. Men my age don't seem to understand any of those concepts. I wanted an extremely smart, older man. I found the most wonderful one I could ever imagine! <br />
<br />
*grin* I don't care what anybody says. Older men have it!

A 14 year age gap is perfect. I met my sweetheart when she was 31 and I was 45. It's only gotten better through the years! Go for it!

Steve - if you read some of my other stories you will see that I am a lifestyle submissive - I enjoy all aspects of my life being controlled. <br />
<br />
Forumthebeltholes - you have summarised exactly why I love older men...thank you!! :)

Near the end, you say that you want a man who knows when you need to be controlled. How do you like for your man to control you?

I suppose I am in a different situation as I too have been married before and have no real wish to do so again.

I feel the same way you do. but the problem im having is the older guys had been married before and refuse to do so again. for this reason i told myself to date older guys but not as old as i liked originally.

Many young women have told me just the same eg. "Men below 35 are boys, useless for anything serious..." , so being a man -serious, not too young and not looking for silly adventures- I do accept it :-)

You know whats funny is, there isn't one male from 40-50 who wouldn't give his eye & teeth to date a younger lady, think about the fun one could have. yet I can't help and wonder where there was anything there in comon. an 18 year old dating a 40 +? I think there may be one and that too is scetchy. Its called the intellect factor. You have a 18-20 year old who is bright and has her head on her shoulders and you have this guy who is 40 or more with the same level of intellect if hes lucky.<br />
Both thumbs up to those couples with a huge age gap and who make it work and both thumbs up for those who have the right mind to back off.

I had always thought to have relationship with my age group, but some how I always communicate and bond well with girls 10-15 years younger then me. Your postings do help me understand better why its the case.<br />

I agree - but dont think your comments apply just to a D/s relationship. As long as both partners can satisfy each other and both are happy then the age difference is not important.

I dont think you should dismiss someone because they are younger than you...everyone is different. You may in time find that your ideal partner is younger...or you may not - but you should remain open to the possibility.

I have found that young women tend to hit on me.. i have to be careful, as they are not what i need, and I am sure that after some playful flirting.. I am not what they need.

Sounds like you have a good man there so!! ;)

You just described my husband!

As am I Dog...i feel priveleged just being able to call you a friend. xx

Don't you forget it!! lol

For you....I'll consider it! :)

LOL - you are older!!

thank you!!

Of course you would. I've read a lot of your stuff, and I know you are a person with character and depth.

I am aware that it may not remain...and i would be more than happy to change the diaper of someone i loved if that is what they do what you have to!

I know you said that the age gap will remain, but consider that it may not. If I hear you correctly, there are specific characteristics that attract you, that you have mostly seen in older men.<br />
<br />
For your sake, I hope the gap does not remain..that is unless you like changing diapers.

Thanks evergreen!<br />
<br />
Kid...I do think that as I get older the gap will remain more or less the same - i am not sure at 70 it will matter all that much though! :)

Love you, girl!<br />
<br />
But it is not always true. I married a man who is 20 years my senior. We are separated now. I let him go because he knows, very well, that he love women so much so, I let him soar.<br />
<br />
Right now, I am inlove with a man 10 years older than I am. He is taking care of me. He is very stong in his principles, faith (he is a devoted Suni Muslim, Iraqi, for that matter) aned I am crazy with him in the bed.<br />
He also support me financilly though he is married with a handful of children. I love and respect him so much.

Good God, not Tom Jones!<br />
Flugel. Do you think as you get older your age gap will move forward. I'm not meaning to be nosy. The older man atraction just confuses me, so I'm curious.

I am not sure why the age gap stays the same - although I have sort of settled on 40+ in the last few years...i have recently gone out with a guy in his early 30s and there is no way i could ever be in a relationship with him - i know not all men in their 30s are the same - perhaps at 20 men in their 30s seemed strong and self assured and now that i myself a in my 30s i see that they are not really - they can be as immature and shallow as men in their 20s and even teenage guys. I think men talk longer to find themselves - to find their inner strength and what grounds them - men in their 40s seem to have found that - who knows when i get there i might think men in their 50s have it!!

im agree with your openions and would like you to contact with me directly through my email

The reason I asked is because the age gap seems to stay the same but 30ish guys ARE different than 40ish guys. Any thoughts?

Always...when I was 18 I always went for guys that were 30+...I have never dated anyone longterm that has been within 10 years of my own age.

Interesting. Is this just now or have you always liked men in this age range? Just curious.

thanks for sharing.