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To start of I'm Brittany and I'm 19. I've always had a thing for older men since I was 17. My oldest boyfriend was 31 and during that time I was still in high school and he was a police officer. There's something so sexy about an older man. The way they carry themselves, the way they talk, smile, everything about them is so sexy and seems so sinful to me. Many of my friends don't understand why I'd have an attraction for men that were at least 12 when I was born or already starting college when I was just going to kindergarten. It's always nice to have a man that can hold a conversation and please me in every single way sexually, spiritually, mentally, etc. They also make an effort of asking my grandfather for permission to take me on a date (which my grandfather loves). I'd like to maybe end up marrying an older man around 30 but who knows...
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I'm in a great relationship with a man 15 years older than I. We have 2 beautiful children. I was 18 when I met him and he was 34 turning 35.

I can definitely understand what you're talking about! 30 is one of the best ages for a man (they've just had their Saturn return!) and I would really like to find a man around 30. But I'm also attracted to much older men (the oldest one I like, who is the one I like the most, is 67), even though I wouldn't have a relationship with a man older than 40. However, this is only because I'm interested in long-term relationships, and as much as I like 40 and 50 (and 60) year old men, being with someone almost twice your age means they're going to die much sooner than you will, and that's not something I want to experience. Anyway, young guys these days are so immature, and I doubt many of them will ever become men. They just strike me as the types who will think and act like teenagers when they're 60. Men these days are just not made the way they used to :(

i;am prettty dam sure i could show u a thing or 2 or 3 or 4 :-))

Me too! :)

great Story, i would love to chat to you -
Sorry for my address, i have had the address a while!

happy for you sound like my kind of girl maybe get to know each other

Sorry Brittany i am 50 but would love to wine and dine you can we at least be freinds,your so Hot that im melting just looking at your pic

I love older men too so I can relate, oldest man ive been with was 48 and Im 24, my longtime bf is 44 now, I met him when he was married now divorced and we're wonderful together. They just have more experience and they look after you its so sweet. Many of them are comfortable with their bodies and like to explore. They know how to please in and out of bed. Definitely recommend sexy older distinguished men.

Keep exploring the best is yet to come.....

thats cause we aim to please & pleasure ,no matter when or where ;-))

Fun story

I love you ask your grandfather permission. Add this older man please.

has experience and understanding to deal with his partner to satisfy ; Good Luck

Your absolutely wonderful.

Older men take things more slowly and can be more sympathetic and careful about your feelings. I certainly would be if I could have a date with you.

Brilliant that you know what you want



older lovers can be very protective and caring

Brittany I hope you are doing well. Loving your stories and then -BONUS- you like older guys. You are beautiful and i would love to see more of you. Please add me.

Very well written. It is refreshing to see a young women who not only knows what she wants, but admits it freely also. That goes for some of your other stories also darlin. And pretty too..... Lol

i can make a lady feel like if she is doing it for the first time each time we have sex

Well Brittany, I hope I'm not stating the obvious when I say that most older men have been around longer and have learned something about how to please the lady in their lives. Of course, some never learn much of anything and go around pleasuring just themselves, not the best situation for you. Older may often be better but you still need to watch out for youself even with us older types.

The best to you.

Good story. Wish we could meet. Can't Waite to read more about you.

I love young girls

Hi Brittany, I'd love to be friends! Please add me.

us "older" guys are still cool hun

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Well, Brittnay, now that you have warmed yourself up a bit on a few of the younger 'old' fellows, you should try a group of men in their 60s, we are much more fun, funny, have better stories to tell and more experience making sure a young lady is having the majority of the fun.

Welcome to the world of the experienced, it IS our pleasure to pleasure you.

I am a man who married older woman, I was 26 years old when we first met I was crazy about her and I still do we still together I can't live without her, now I'm 35 and my lovely wife 44 years old, one thing to highlight we went through many fight but that because of our diffrent age but I was patient and the older I get the more my love for her increase, what I'm trying to say it doesn't matter the age as long as there's love and care the relationship should work well, best luck to you.

I know exactly what you mean. My Husband is 21 years older than me, I am 34 and he 55. An older man works so much harder to please you and treats you so much better. :o)

i love older man always have it was until high school, i started to go for more older man then the younger ones, i love how i get respect and love and understanding and i love how older man are more open to different ideas.

I'm right there with you honey, haha! I have always been attracted to older men. I'm not sure why this is, but it goes hand in hand with your description of what you like. It is nice to have a mature, confident, intellectual man. I'm not saying all older men are this way, but I've never met a "boy" that can satisfy me emotionally, like an older man can. Just be careful, because some older men feed on this area. Others really do want the companionship of a younger woman for her smarts, beauty, and innocence. Choose wisely! I'm only saying this because I've chosen poorly, and it became very volatile. Good Luck :)