Older Men

I love older men. They are more of a man, not a boy, not bare chested. They know how to please a woman. OMG. I married an older man its the best in bed. Great sex.
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41-45, F
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Your comments are inspirational for older men ocngirl. Delighted that it works so beautifully for you.<br />
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Best wishes,<br />
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I have enough trouble finding men my age who don't have E.D. and are decent, attractive people, there's no way I'd go OLDER.

When I was a younger man I had numerous sexual relationships with "older" women. But us old guys can still bring it when we want to.

Between marriages I got the self confidence I NEVER had in my teens and 20s<br />
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In my 30s I slept with about 200 women, I met couples. <br />
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I engaged in role play, bdsm, daddy daughter roleplay depending on whatever my partner wanted<br />
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I am very confident in bed and out as a result of these experiences

That is so fantastic. Confidence is a turn on not ego.

i find the stories you wrote about bi oral between men with you present very, very exciting...and you are soo sexy like Eva marie Saint

No too fast is "Wam Bam Thank you Mam" Thats not me.

Sounds good to me.