To all you sexy guys in your 40s, 50s, and one special guy in his 60s, who knows how to make a girl feel special. 

You still got it!

(Yeah, I know, George Michael. But the guy can sure sing.)
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I'm late fifties but my age is not a representation of me in mind ,thoughts and most of all body . I think you and me would be good friends so I added you to my little circle . Feel free to ignore me but I think we could be fast friends and I intend to read more of your stories so I add you so I have it as a sort of bookmark also . :-)

Like fine wine, better with age........

a guy at seventy also make you feel happy and special. It is not in age but is in mind and soul.

I couldnt flipping agree with you more!

i`m an older man can i be added :)

well I hope I might be one of your older men ;-)

As a guy of nearly 40, I'm not sure whether I should take a George Michael dedication as a good thing or not... ;P

I'll have you know I take this personally

us 40 somethings are still going strong,healthy hot men

WOW you just made every older man's day! You could really make our night. You are an adorable sexy girl. Would love to be your friend.

I wish to thank all the younger ladies that have contributed their thoughtful and encouraging comments to Kathryn's observation. As an older gentleman I have been told I was greatly appreciated by some women 10 years younger and a couple that were as much as 25 years younger. My thought is that I am never satisfied until my woman is TOTALLY satisfied. Several Times!! After that my final satisfaction is just that much better. Thanks Again to all the women that understand and appreciate what an older gentleman has to offer. After all, I was given the nick name "Mr. G" for a very good reason.

I am coming to realize the advantages of older men.......I think you are onto something here.... ;0)...orrr I am just really late to the party and should have figured this out long ago....i suspect the latter might just be the case...either way..I am now the wiser for it !

As a woman you're never too late to the party.

Good for you Feisty. As long as you now have it figured out. I am glad to know there are women that understand there are advantages to the experience an older man has.

Just like a fine bottle of wine, they just get better with age!! Or is it the Scotch, can never get that right :)

But you'll take one of each. I meant the booze sweetheart.

Wine or Scotch they both get better with age but an older, experienced man can give you a lot more pleasure than a glass of either one.

Oh. So well said fun guy!

Thank You GingerPie

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Thank Goodness... I can now climb down the ledge... :)

Good to know! We are still slightly in style. <br />
Though I am in better condition in my 40's and certainly more squared away than ever in my 20's.<br />
Glad to know a gentleman is still appreciated. I hardly see men holding doors etc. for their ladies. Very sad.

Very well said. I have read many of your stories and you sound like a very wise woman. Maybe this comes from your mother or maybe you just earned it yourself.

Sweet words. Thank you.

Interestingly, for the longest time I have only found myself drawn to older women. Then two women caught my eye on this site who were younger. Both are very mature women by choice: they both are humble and confident enough to keep growing as human beings. I have often turned to them for mature insight.<br />
It is obviously a joy to see growth in any human being but to see it clearly in a younger woman who already has enough going on to get any man she wishes, can steal a man's heart away! Thank you Kathryn for all that you are, even though I know you will soon be more! <br />
Here in my hands is my heart, I offer any part of it, or even all of it to you precious lady.

Thanks Eric.

thanks! me a little hope..

Yup, absolutely agree with you on this one! Specially that one guy in his 60's, he defenetly knows how to make his girl happy ;0))

Ah, sweet BlackMoon, it is not wrong to desire what someone else may own.

Now, sweet Kathryn, you got me thinking..... This statement could posobly have, let me see, 1,2,3 ...ya, 4 different meanings, mhhh..... ;0))

I've seen it all, heard it all, done it all. At my age, I just can't remember it all. <br />
<br />
Perhaps one of the great discoveries along the way is the ability to admire without desiring. Desire can come later, but it destroys things if it's there before 'hello.'

No chance then of making love to 1,900-year old Antinoos?

Living today only in many marbles, he has ceded the trials of life, but sadly also its passions and delights. I'm still around though...

What a nice thing to say about older guys. Yes George is a great singer it is too bad he let one bad thing take him down. I would of loved to have more years of his music.

I love younger full of life, energy, sassy some much fun...and so beautiful<br />
<br />
now where can i find a younger woman to spend time with....

imma not evens 40s yets :(

You're any age I want you to be. In fact, different each night.

*like* Coppy, you're sexy 24/7

I am one of those older men, I appreciate the energy of a younger woman, I love the vibrance and enthusiasm they have, I have that too, just with much more experience, not only do I have the benefit of several years of experiences, I love to listen; you see, I have never stopped learning, and I love to listen, I believe listening is a lost art, especially with younger men, they are too busy trying to impress the person sitting across from them, and not actually listening to what they have to say! would you do me the favor of reading some of my writings? I am new to this site and have not posted too much, but I will in time, If I know enough about you, I will write something to or about you, too.

* happy rabbit wiggles * this is perfect. i'll be grinning for the rest of the day after this thread.

The same goes for you ladies. As much as I love young, beautiful women (duh!), EP has helped reinforce that women of any age can be sexy.

Mmmmmm. So many different thoughts come to mind....which to share....mmmmmm......I guess I'll play it safe this time and go young hotties aren't so bad either!

Add me and chat with this older, more mature man who really appreciates sexy young women.

So close that that 40 line . . . and then I will have to beat the women away with a stick!

You know I'd make an exception for you Furball. It's your literary insight and the wet nose.

You know it got wet, right?

Um, "how it got wet" . . . stupid typos keep me from making inappropriate jokes.

i understand on both fronts: how it got wet and why you're fumbling with the keys

Was going to tell you it was from drinkning water with my clawed paws, but I'm sure your version is better.

Koalas don't drink from glasses, silly. They have a long, snaking tongue that easily laps up what they're drinking.

I see you are familiar with the long, snaking tongue we koala's have . . .

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Id have more to say here ... if I was older.

who ya kiddin, mr. 40-something? you luvs your women young.

Since when has forty been old(er)? Is it really?

thanks for the (intentional)error Kathryn - I luvs my women period - young or old, short or tall - I love em all =)

An bless YOU Sonnet, for refusin to roll you cursor over my av - or ignorin the result when you did =)

You are w woman ahead of your time Kathryn, in all your perspective. Thank you for valueing maturity, loyalty, sensuality and all that a REAL man has to offer. Ladies~ listen to what she has to say.

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