From The Start

I never viewed "older men" as 'older' as much as I viewed them as more mature. I lost my virginity to an 'older man' although really he was barely a man at 20. I hung around college guys in high school, and when I was in college, I saw men from 5 yrs older to one who was 26 yrs older. When I was in high school I crushed on my step-dad's friend, and would find any excuse to be conveniently in a bikini when he was around (luckily we had a pool so it wasn't THAT difficult). Older men were always more of a 'fit' for me, intellectually and maturity-wise (or at least I THOUGHT I was mature).
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3 Responses Feb 1, 2012

I love my older men. Very different in general. been around the block and know how to saddle up and ride a filly

I would be honored to flirt with someone as hot as you. You look delicious!

A nice story for sure. Would have like to have been the friend lol. What better thing to look at than a youmg woman in a bikini, especially one who likes to tease. Love to hear more or chat. Inbox if you want am game for anything lol.