How It Began

Two years ago, I had a teacher he was 24 and I was 18 at the time. I took summer school to finish up Gr.12.
I felt like there was a connection, we talked at least once per class, about everyday stuff, and it was one or the other always initiating the conversation. I was really fond of him. He was married and I think he moved back a few provinces away.. he has facebook but I'd be too shy to even attempt messaging him. I think that's how my infatuation with older men began.

Anyways, I am now seeing a man about twenty years my senior. I like him.
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4 Responses Feb 28, 2012

he is married, so he leaves his wife for you! some other hot mama will be in line to take him away.but hey,,go for it :)

How will you ever know how he feels? You need to go with your heart! Never live your life with a "should've done that"'ll never know what could be otherwise!

you have to say hi<br />
have a plan<br />
<br />
tell him about things yu are doing now

I'm intimidated, because the last day of class I told him how I felt, and childishly left afterwards. I don't want to cause havoc if he really is in love with his wife. Sigh

Age is a number. Go with your feelings and be true to yourself!

Age is just a number!