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I'm 18 (about to turn 19), and for some reason, I've never really been attracted to guys my age. My mother's first husband (my dad) was 9 years her senior (but probably 9 years her junior when it comes to maturity :P). Her current husband is 21 years older, and they get along very well. When I was a freshman in high school, most of the guys I liked were seniors. Now that I'm 18, the range is 2-9 years. When I was in school, I always felt like my sarcastic sense of humor went over most guys' heads. Guys my age usually get off on low-brow, shallow stuff. (which is funny once in a while, but when that's ALL you laugh at...) I'm currently a freshman in college, and I haven't met ONE guy 18-19 who doesn't go out and drown themselves in beer and girls every night. As a matter of fact, halfway through this story, 5 guys sat down on the bench beside me and started talking to each other about how wasted they were last night, and they all had 3sums. Don't get me wrong: not all of them are like that. I've liked a few  guys my age before. I'm speaking in general.

The three things that attract me the most are: intelligence, sarcastic humor, and maturity. Now, keep in mind that I'm only 18. I'm still not fully-mature yet (I act like a total goon in public with my friends), but I would consider myself more responsible and mature than many of my peers (don't mean to sound prude). My dating limit would definitely be 9 years (20-27). I've just noticed that the more mature a guy gets, the less looks seem to matter to him. He's also more focused on his work and goals and is able to appreciate life more. 

Looks don't matter to me that much (which is why they were not mentioned in my Top 3) but young, muscular men (Taylor Lautner) don't really attract me at all. Large muscles are actually kind of a turn-off. Do you know who my biggest celebrity crush is? Colin Firth. He's 51. Do you know why I like him? He's ridiculously talented, intelligent, nice, and appeals to my sense of humor. When a guy has those qualities, I automatically find him physically attractive. Whenever I see him in an interview, he has me in stitches. 

My friend thinks I'm crazy for having these preferences, but I really don't care. It's just the way I roll.

And by the way: if you're an older guy and you comment "message me" or some *beep* like that, bug off. Don't mean to sound rude, but I cannot like somebody if their goal is to get with me from the beginning. The reason behind this story was not to find an older guy to cyber with. It was to share my opinion. If you're a heterosexual older man on the page "I Like Older Men", I seriously doubt you actually like older men.
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funny ending to a honest admission.
how about another question though if you have those preferences why would you automatically exclude someone with those particular assets, just because of where and how you met them?

yes older men like me know what it takes to please a attractive lady like you

Age and maturity don't often go hand in hand.<br />
Want an example ? Look in the mirror.<br />
I've known some really messed up immature people and age never made a difference.

are you .....well....lonely ? do you date older men....or is this a fantasy of yours Honey ?

honey.....what is the point of this story ?

im matured and older and i still enjoy sex with so much fantassy did you try older men like me?

ouch but tnx for that....

The reason is women mature faster than men. Women that have their life together and know what they want typically like older men.

It's good to know someone out there has the same feelings I do. The range for me is 5 up to about 20 years. I also find many, but not all, guys my age very immature, obnoxious, or I'm just not attracted to them. (I'm 18 too) I just love the personality that comes with an older fellow..