It's The Chin. Chiseled From Granite.

Wait, the air of confidence and that surly, once-a-movie, don't-give-a-hoot glance. 

Michael Douglas is 67, 10 years older than my dad, but all he's gotta do is rattle the cage and I'm a coming.

No, he's not he greatest actor in the world. Not close. But, shoot, I've got to lower my eyes when he stares out at the audience.

Saw him in two movies over the past several days. Just switched to Comcast Cable with every movie channel known to man free for a year.  i stopped dead in my channel-surfing tracks when "American President" started up on Encore. Haven't seen? Do so! Dignified, understated-gorgeous lobbyist Annette Bening plays the new girlfriend to Douglas, the widower president. Richard Dreyfuss is a hoot as the unctuous, right-wing, evil seeing and seeking election-year counterpart to the sweet-tongued Douglas, still "cute" at 51 for this role.

Damn, sex in the White House? The bed looked mighty cushy. 

Fast forward to "King of Calififornia," and M.D. at 63. Still hunky. Bit of an offbeat flick that caught my eye as I zipped through Showtime movies. Gotcha. Douglas is a wildman, newly released from another trip to the looney bin, who convinces his feckless and lovable friend and his ever-loving daughter (Evan Rachel Wood) that El Dorado can be found in a forgotten stream where early Spanish explorers buried gold meant for the motherland. Massively funny scene as the trio break into a retail warehouse and the zany Douglas pounds through the concrete floor into a sewage canal then dons scuba gear in search of treasure.

A few more wrinkles, hair long and gray, but that confidence and swagger . . .  that rugged profile. 

"And for my "trusted-assistant Intern position, I name . . . ".

(Hmmm, if I put my hair up . . .  .)

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Watch him recently in "the Game", 1990s, he brings an edge to the movie again, unlike most other actors

Waaaaalllll Street!

I agree about the sexiness of Michael Douglas. I was watching the movie "Don't Say A Word" & the thing that held me spellbound was his commanding, yet loving tone. His looks, to be sure, are classically handsome, but his confident manner exudes strength and warmth at the same time. But ultimately, I love his voice..makes me feel safe & secure.

Just like our governor! Oh, sorry for bringing up Scott's name at lunchtime. This is about Michael Douglas. you're right. It's an air of dignified confidence that's focussed through the mannerisms and the voice.

Don't even mention our gov. or penis with ears..try to watch that movie..he plays a psychiatrist treating a girl (Brittany Murphy) whose involved in a lot of trouble. He also has a wife that he gives a sponge bath to because she has a broken leg. It's an old movie, but I re-watched it & noticed his voice being so sexy.

Good wine matures with time so do men :) may i get an add please gorgeous :)

They say great minds think alike? <br />
How about "breathtakingly gorgeous women think and feel alike?"<br />
<br />
Witness: Women who have it bad for MD:<br />
<br />
Catherine Zeta Jones<br />
<br />
Kathryn1985<br />
<br />
Both are breathtakingly gorgeous women who think and feel alike after all!<br />
<br />
I do have a point don't I?

Under my snow white beard I have a Kirk Douglas dimple...

Loved those movies and I have to agree.....Confident stride and a chiseled jawline are both winners...Soul piercing eyes turn me right to mush....horny mush.. but mush just the same!!

If you can find the old 70s cop show "The Streets of San Fransisco" you can see what MD loooked like in his 20s :)

And the old movie "China Syndrome" where he plays a secondary, bearded role as cameraman to the on-air celeb Jane Fonda. I like him now, oozing confidence, with streaked grey hair, a few wrinkles on his still-taut skin but with soul-piercing eyes and a prominent chin.

Woof!!! American President Annette Benning was so hot. Obama is great and Michelle is the hottest first lady since Jackie O You being a southerner may not agree but I hope the O man gets a second term. He is a great man and a damn good President. From what I see down under AB Cheers Mate AB

He could give me a private tour anytime. I would be his "Monica" only his secret would be totally safe with me.

Make sure you get the dress dry cleaned. :::Wink!::::

Ya beat me to it! heh heh And make sure you have plenty of cigars at the ready. ;)

if only I had the chiseled chin (and the hair, the eyes, the swagger, that voice..)... then I could possibly have the actual chance to be turned down :)

You are sexy Kathryne!

NO...I am sorry love.....I would have to say Sean Connery is MUCH more my style...mmm the scruffy face and the voice...good Gosh! the piercing eyes...yep hes dreamy...Michael is good...but not as good :)~

Can't a girl have both?

well...Yes...especially if that girl is you ! haha :)

REALLY? Never knew :(

he did stared lead in the movie "falling down" after that he will always be a hero to me. me thinks you and katherine zeta would get along just fine.<br />
<br />

Granted, I am a guy, but I never got the Michael Douglas thing. Do we need to put together a list? I return to Sean Connery . . . I hope I look as good as him when I get older. He has that swagger . . . <br />
<br />
Not only men have the market cornered on this, by the way. Helen Mirren . . . whew! And might I point out how beautiful Sela Ward still is. Or the gold standard - Michelle Pfiefer . . .

lol romancing the stone?? ROMANCING THE STONE??

I'll give you that one - but Kathleen Turner . . . can you say Body Heat?

that confidence and swagger . . . that don't-give-a-hoot glance . . . does seem to cause a stir that we all admire and of course desire.