The Chronicles Of Jenni

Jennipher was a beautiful young girl. She had led a sheltered life due to her over-protective parents. This strictness combined with the busy work lives that her parents led had created a barrier between her and them in a way that meant that she could not relate to them and always felt somewhat distant from them. When she tried to open up to them she felt like she was being judged and she would soon lose her confidence and keep it bottled up inside instead.
Although beautiful, Jenni was very quiet and shy and she was sick of the isolation that that brung as well as the assumption by all who met her that she was so sweet and cute and innocent. All of these things are positive, but a teenage girl would much rather hear that she is sexy and attractive and gorgeous. When she was fifteen her parents had to re-locate owing to career progression and so the few friends that Jenni had were left behind and she had to start anew. This was daunting to her but also an opportunity for a fresh start. Unfortunately she slipped back into her quiet and shy self and was soon swallowed up into the anonymity of the school yard.
All the boys were drawn towards the more confident and outgoing girls despite the fact that Jenni was clearly the most stunning girl, but she slipped into her comfort zone and disappeared into the background. She wasn’t excited by boys anyway. They were so immature and untrustworthy. In her new school you couldn’t even look at a boy without it being plastered all over Facebook the very next day!
One girl took a small amount of pity on Jenni and tried to involve her more but Jenni was too nervous to meet her half-way, although on a Saturday she would get the bus down to the sea-front and hang around at the skate-park where lots of the girls and boys hung around. This was often excruciating for her, sitting with others but feeling alone. Smiling and laughing when it seemed right to do so.
One Saturday it all seemed to change. She was sitting for all intents and purposes alone when Gary, an older boy from the 6th Form came over and to the amazement of Jenni and of the other girls started chatting to her. All the girls fancied Gary, he had the looks and the body and the charisma and he was amazing with a skateboard, he was the school stud!
“Hey, Jenni isn’t it?”
“Yea hi”.
“Hey. So you’re kinda new in the school right?”
“Yea, mum and dad just moved up here for their jobs and l got dragged along”.
“Sucks! So you had to leave all your old friends huh?”
“Erm yea. It was a real wrench” half-lied Jenni.
“Don’t tell the other girls l said this but l think you’re really beautiful” he said with a calm confidence.
Jenni had a hot flush and felt her cheeks blush bright red, “wow thanks” said Jenni. Take me now! She thought.
“Yea you could easily be a model”.
“Shut up, you’re teasing” she refuted, smiling.
“No seriously! Actually, l have an uncle who is a photographer and modelling agent, send me some photos and l’ll pass them on and see what he thinks”.
“Oh” said Jenni a little unsure.
“Nothing pervy or anything, just a few nice shots. Here, here’s my e-mail address. Send them across if you fancy it”.
“Cool thanks”.
“No sweat” he smiled, “now l’ve gotta get back to the bowl, l’ll see you soon Jenni”.
Jenni was thrilled and spent her entire Sunday dressing up in her favourite outfits and using the timer on her parents digital camera she took photos of herself in each and put them in an e-mail and sent it through to Gary.
That week she looked out for Gary but it was difficult to find the 6th Formers as they were mostly taught in the upper building. However, after a few anxious days and nights she bumped into him in the corridor on the way to class.
“Jenni! Big news, my uncle loved your photos. Plus it’s really great timing, he is casting for a catalogue and he wants to see you” said Gary taking her beneath the stairs out of the rush of students.
“No way” said Jenni, overwhelmed.
“Way! I knew he’d think so, l thought you looked smoking hot in those photos!”
Jenni felt her cheeks flush with colour again.
“He is casting from all over the north east but he’ll be using a chalet behind the fairground for a few days so that’ll be the easiest for you to get to, do you know where all the chalets are? They aren’t too far from the skate park”.
“Yea l know where you mean”.
“Cool. It’ll be less stressful than meeting him in his city offices. Can you get there for 10am on Saturday morning?”
“Erm sure”.
“Cool, cool. Well it’s plot 14 and you must be there prompt cos he has to see many girls and its all like time is money in his business and all that”.
“Sure, l understand” said Jenni, “oh my god, what should l wear?”
“Just wear what you normally wear, he wants to just see you as you are naturally”.
“Ok. Listen Gary, thanks for this” said Jenni, smiling up at him.
“No problem Jenni” he said kissing her on the cheek and making to leave.
“Oh just one more thing” he added “theres a slight problem cos of you being 16”.
“Yea, apparently he should have your parents there and you’d have to fill in all these forms with them and all that but he would rather keep your folks out of it, is that cool?”
“Sure, you don’t know my parents” said Jenni, “I wouldn’t have told them anyway”.
“Cool, cool. Catch you soon Jenni” and with that he was lost to the river of students and Jenni was left feeling a little daunted but very excited.
She was in bed by 8pm that Friday night and her alarm woke her up at 5am on the Saturday morning. She tip-toed through to the bathroom in her pyjamas, ******** naked and did her stretches and went through her aerobics routine, determined to look as fit and toned as possible. Her parents paid her membership of a very exclusive gym in town which she attended three times a week so there was hardly an ounce of fat on her entire body. She was about 5ft 8 with long-ish gleaming brown hair and long slender legs with a firm bum and small but pert 32b breasts. She took a hot shower. She dried herself and did her hair, deciding finally on pig-tails and then gave herself a pedicure and manicure and put on a little make-up and a lot of perfume. Then she mused over what to wear and decided on a very casual look of white trainers with little white socks on, tight denim shorts and a white vest top over which she threw on her new thin light-green sweater.
She knew that Saturday mornings were the only time that her parents could lie in so they would be fast asleep until 11am and wouldn’t expect her home until her 7pm curfew. It was quite usual for her to be out all day until then at the skatepark. Nevertheless she tip-toed downstairs so as to not wake them up and left them a note. They would probably insist on her wearing tights if she had to wear such tight and short shorts and she really didn’t want to have to wear tights, she hated tights. She left the house at 9am into a lovely sunny morning and she strolled through her estate to the bus-stop. Every time she thought about meeting the photographer her heart skipped a beat. The butterflies were going wild in her tummy!
She was blissfully unaware of the bus-drivers lusting eyes all over her as she fumbled for change and had no idea of the affect she had on the man who watched her perfect bum slowly climb the stairs to the upper deck. Such was her naivety.
The bus drove along the coast road and Jenni hopped off at the silent fairground and wandered through the dormant rides to the fenced compound of chalets which were primarily inhabited by the owners and operators of the fairground rides and arcades. Her heart-rate quickened and she was trembling as she approached the door of chalet 14 and with a shaking hand she knocked on the door.
The door opened and a man in his early 50’s in khaki shorts and an expensive but un-ironed shirt greeted her and showed her inside. The curtains were all drawn so it was quite dull inside compared to the bright morning outside although the sun cast an orangey light around the room through the thin drapes. It smelled like a caravan and reminded Jenni of family holidays in Wales. There were three cam-corders on tripods all pointing at the sofa and the man had a professional looking camera around his neck. He seemed very friendly and relaxed and this helped to relax Jenni. He showed her to the sofa and sat her down and then went and got her a fresh orange juice before standing by the cam-corders.
“Well hi Jennipher, welcome”.
“Yea hi, thanks”.
“Wow you are even cuter in real life than in your photos”.
“Thanks” said Jenni, there it was again, that word cute.
“Your welcome, lift off your sweater for me please”.
Jenni did as she was told.
“Very sexy, very sexy indeed” he said quietly.
Sexy! At last! She had never been called sexy before and she couldn’t hide her pleasure at the compliment, especially since her pleasure started pointing through her thin bra and white vest top.
“My pleasure. So tell me Jennipher, how old are you sweetie?”
“16. Oh and you can call me Jenni”.
“Very nice, ok then Jenni. If you don’t mind l like to keep an element of professionalism in my castings so please call me sir. I’m not like other casting agents, l like to keep my castings very informal and friendly like this, l think you get the best out of girls if you do so, however, l like to retain certain things which are traditional, one of those is referring to the casting agent as sir”.
“Yes sir”.
“Thankyou Jenni. So your parents think you’re out at the mall or something then right?”
“They think l’ll be hanging at the skate park sir”.
“I see, very good. It’s always awkward when a girls parents are present. They always spoil the fun right?”
“Tell me about it sir. I feel like a prisoner when l’m with them”.
The man laughed, “you poor thing! Well l may be as old as your parents but think of me as a friend, whatever you say or do here stays with me and me alone, l know how much of a pain parents are and l specialise in making girls dreams come true rather than holding them back from their dreams”.
Jenni smiled and nodded and finished off her orange juice, this guy seemed cool.
“So excuse the personal questions, but l need to ensure that my models have no skeletons in the closet, l’m sure you understand”.
“Yes sir”.
“Good. So do you have a boyfriend Jenni?”
“No sir”.
“Good, have you ever?”
“No sir. I’m very shy in real life, boys seem to over-look me”.
“I can see your shyness sweetheart, it’s very endearing. And as far as attention from boys goes, well more fool them!”
“So have you ever had a fling with a boy? At a party or something like that jenni?”
“No sir”.
“So you’ve never been kissed or touched?”
“No sir”.
“Wow, ok. So there’s no chance of any rude video showing up on youtube or anything like that”.
“No sir”.
“Good girl. Ok, now be honest, I know a girl can’t get to 16 without doing something rude, so please open up to me, like l said, whatever is said or done in this room does not ever get relayed to anyone outside of these walls”.
“Well, sometimes l......oh god l feel stupid”.
“Don’t be shy darling, it’s important that you trust me enough to share your secrets and feelings. There should always be a very strong connection between a model and her agent and photographer”.
“Yes sir. Well when l use changing rooms to try clothes on in shops l always leave the curtain open enough for a man to spy on me. There’s always a man waiting for his wife or something”.
“Naughty girl, but that’s very good, keep going sweetie”.
“When l’m at school l often let teachers and stuff see easily up my skirt”.
“Good, that’s very natural honey”.
“And when l swim at the gym l time it so l swim infront of a perve with goggles on”.
“Very nice, so he can check out your toosh underwater eh?”
“Yes and l....”
“Go on”.
“Often pull my bikini bottoms to one side”.
“So he can see everything?”
“Yes but l make it seem as though l don’t realise he can”.
“You are a bad girl”.
Jenni blushed, she couldn’t believe she’d just told this.
“It’s ok Jenni, it’s fun to be bad, l understand that. I bet you spend most your time having to be a good girl to please mum and dad and please teacher etc etc so being bad now and then is very healthy. Especially when you can be bad in a safe and private environment”.
“Yes sir” there was an awkward silence, “that’s pretty much it sir”.
“Ok good. So the casting is for versatile young models who can model a wide range of clothes. Even though it’s only May the casting is for the autumn/winter edition so there’ll be a lot of big coats and warm clothing, but also limited underwear and swimwear shots too”.
“Yes sir”.
“Do you have any tattoos Jenni?”
“No sir”.
“Very good. So if you would please remove your top and your shorts Jenni”.
Jenni’s heart began racing again as she tentatively lifted her vest top off and then stood and undid her shorts, wiggling them down her slender legs and stepping out of them. She stood there in nothing but her white cotton panties and white bra.
“Very nice indeed, twirl slowly for me”.
She did as she was told, feeling his eyes on her behind as she turned and then uncomfortably watching him stare at her breasts and legs.
“Very sexy little girl” he muttered. “Good, ok now l will need you to do some poses for me sweetie”.
“Yes sir”.
Then Jenni took direction as he snapped frantically with his camera. She soon relaxed about being in her undies and enjoyed the attention and the compliments despite her feeling uneasy about a few of the poses. He was so commanding and calm, just like a headmaster. He kind of made you feel like you wanted to be obedient. A bit like with a headmaster where she wanted to be noticed by him being a very good student.
“Ok, very good Jenni baby, you can take a breath now, you’re a real natural!”
Jenni flopped back on the sofa quite exhausted but excited.
“Well my girl, you certainly have what it takes, but you’ve given me quite a problem”.
“Oh?” said Jenni getting her breath back.
The man put his camera down and sat next to her on the sofa.
“You see, the fact is that l can easily fill the casting with perfect girls who are 18 years old already. This means l avoid a whole pile of paperwork and extra fees and trouble. So even though you’re easily as good as the girls l’ve seen thus far, l’m going to have to turn you down until you’re a little older”.
Jenni’s heart sank, “that doesn’t feel fair” she said feeling gutted.
The man put his hand on her knee, “I feel your disappointment honey but to be perfectly honest, maybe in a couple of years your breasts will have filled out and you may have more accentuated curves which l know this catalogue likes to see nowadays”.
“I know there quite small sir but they’re very pert, 32b now” said Jenni desperately.
“Hmm. Take off your bra sweetie”.
Jenni took a deep breath and then reached around and unclipped her bra and gently removed it, trying subtly to push out her fine young breasts towards him to emphasise them as best she could.
“Don’t get me wrong, for me those breasts are perfect. In fact for my personal taste you are my dream girl” he stroked his chin as he stared at her naked teenage breasts, he nipples petite but hard and pointing, “so l’ll tell you what l can do, l’ll go the extra mile for you if you go the extra mile for me”.
“Ok sir, what do l have to do to go the extra mile?”
“What time must you be home by sweetie?”
“I’ll have to leave for my bus at 6pm sir”.
“Ok, well l’ll jump through all the hoops to sign you up if you agree to stay with me until then and do whatever l say” his hand slowly stroked her inner thigh.
“I don’t have to be anywhere sir”.
“Good girl. But you have to understand that l also like to bad now and then so l will be a very bad man until then and l’ll want to do some very bad things to you Jenni, are you cool with that?”
Jenni knew that she was being perved on and her heart started racing again and her head was in a spin.
“Yes ok” she said, her words shaking.
“And l’d like you to do some very bad things to me too, is that also cool Jenni?”
“Yes sir”.
“Good girl, we have a deal then. And remember, whatever happens in here is for our eyes only”.
His hand moved from her thigh up over her hip and stroked her flat toned tummy before rising to hold her firm right breast.
“It’s just that if you wanted to have sex with me sir l really don’t know anything about sex and l’d be pretty useless”.
“You’ll be just fine sweetie, there’s plenty time for me to teach you all there is to know. It’s only 12 o’clock sweetheart and you’re clearly a very intelligent girl. All you need to do is follow my instructions, that’s the deal right?” he gently squeezed her breast and rubbed her nipple with his thumb sending shivers through her.
“Yes sir”.
“Good girl. Tell me Jenni, you’ve never kissed a man right?”
“No sir, well only my dad”.
“I see. Show me how you kiss your dad”.
Jenni pecked him on the lips.
“That’s so sweet. Now l’m going to teach you how to French kiss like in the movies right?”
“Yes sir”.
“You don’t mind me doing that to your breast do you Jenni?”
“No sir, just feels a bit weird all this sir”.
“Of course it does, that’s natural sweetie, this is all new to you darling, new feelings and new experiences, but admit to yourself that you’re curious and excited”.
“I admit it sir”.
“Good girl, what are you?”
“Curious and excited sir”.
“That’s right sweetie” he wrapped her arms around his neck so they were close, face to face and then with one arm around her slim waist and the other moving back to caress her breast he moved in for the kiss.
Her body tensed as their lips met and she resisted the advance of his tongue, holding her lips closed. He licked back and forth over her soft tender lips until he squeezed her nipple quite hard which shocked her lips to part and then his tongue entered and explored her un-kissed mouth. He kissed her and played with her breasts for an eternity until she relaxed into the situation and built up the confidence to kiss back. Soon their tongues were swirling together, mad with passion and she felt a tingling sensation begin between her legs, the depth and intensity of it she had never felt before. Yes she had *********** quite often (even did so in the spa at the gym once) but it had never really satisfied her, nothing like this intense naughtiness.
He eventually withdrew from the kiss.
“Put your nipple to my mouth Jenni” said the man and Jenni knelt on the sofa beside him and moved her breasts up towards his gleeful face and offered her right nipple to his lips. He took it between his lips and sucked lavishly on it whilst stroking her arched back.
“Now the other nipple baby girl, god l adore your ******* Jenni” as she moved her left breast to his mouth she felt his hands wander down her back to her firm smooth bum and he stroked and squeezed her cheeks whilst sucking and licking on her breast. She was bursting with new naughty feelings as his hands moved back up her tummy to cup her breasts and he sucked, licked and kissed from nipple to nipple as he held them and groped them.
He finally stood her up, her head all in a spin and he sat on the edge of the sofa and licked and kissed her tiny navel.
“You keep very fit don’t you sweetie, such a lovely flat tummy and such slender thighs” he ran his hands up and down her inside thighs as his tongue explored her belly-button and the extremely fine almost invisible line of girly hair just below leading down to her panties.
“Yes sir, l go to the gym three times a week sir”.
“Good girl” he said as he turned her back to him and played with the firm perfection of her buttocks held tight into her cotton panties. H gently spanked her cheeks before she felt his warm tongue lick them and kiss them in turn with his hands rising up her front to hold her breasts once more. He was really taking his time and savouring every moment.
He turned her back to face him and he pressed his nose gently against her panties and breathed in her girly aroma whilst the touch of his face against her ***** made her tingle like crazy and her legs began to tremble. He could smell the fresh cotton combined with her sexual juices and he eased his hand between her legs, gently feeling her damp panties and the damp pu'ssy within, his coc'k stood as hard as rock in his shorts. He licked her panties and could feel the outline of her tight pus'sy lips on his tongue and he smiled as he heard her sigh with lust. He had her in the palm of his hand.
“Are you ready to let me see your pus'sy sweetie?”
“I think so sir” she whispered nervously.
“Good girl” he said and he held her panties delicately between thumb and forefinger at each hip and slowly peeled them down revealing her tight smooth virgin pus'sy bit by bit. He left them half-way down her thighs and took a moment to take in the sight. Then he cupped her pus'sy and gently played with her lips to her delight, she was so tender and smooth, only very fine light hair just above her slit which he stroked with his thumb as his four fingers traced the length of her pus'sy lips. Again he turned her around and groped her bottom.
“Put your hands on your knees baby girl” he told her and as she bent over he began pulling her cheeks apart and taking in the close up of her pus'sy and a'rse-hole.
“I think we should probably lock that door just in case sweetie” he told her once he had fully explored her arse. “Keep those panties around your knees and shuffle over there and lock it, you look so damn cute with your panties down like that”.
“Yes sir” she said as she took baby steps to the door and he grinned as her little toosh wiggled away from him and then he watched her pert teen ******* jiggle as she shuffled back to him.
“Good girl” he said before standing up and kissing her passionately, feeling her height increase slightly as she stood on her tipp-toes to be able to kiss better. He spanked her bum as they kissed and the vibration of her moans transferred from her mouth to his and felt fantastic. Then with ease he pushed her back onto the sofa and knelt between her legs then slowly removed her damp panties rendering her completely naked.
“How does it feel to be naked infront of a man for the first time Jenni?”
“Scary but exciting sir” she smiled.
“That’s a good combination” he said as he began kissing her inner thighs. “Spread those legs for me sweetie”.
As she spread for him she closed her eyes and felt his tongue circle her right thigh, teasingly close to her aching pus'sy. She was tense but she enjoyed the feeling, feeling his breath on her most intimate area. Then his tongue moved up over her slit and a cry of delight escaped Jenni’s mouth involuntarily. His tongue licked at her slit like a cat drinking milk and soon she felt his lips close around her pus'sy as his tongue circled and teased her c'litoris. She grabbed at the cushions on the sofa and cried out as his tongue penetrated her and she felt her juices flow as if a damn had broke. He sucked and licked and kissed with ferocious lust as she clenched her thighs around his face. She was in heaven. His hands manoeuvred her legs over his shoulders allowing him to delve deeper into her and his tongue began to wander lower and lower until he was licking at her a'rse-hole. As he greedily licked away his hands reached up and played with her breasts and she looked down and saw that it was 1.30pm on his very expensive Armani watch. ‘1.30pm!?’ She thought, l don’t have to leave until 6pm. That means another four and a half hours of this!
“Ahhhhhhhhhhhh!” she screamed with pleasure, her young body writhing beneath him.
“Open your eyes sweetie, watch me tongue fuc'k you”.
“Yes sir” she panted, propping herself up on her elbows and watching him press his tongue in and out of her pus'sy. She felt like she was in a dream, it didn’t seem real. She couldn’t believe this was happening.
“You taste so damn good honey, and you’re so tight! I just love tight pus'sy”.
“I’ve never felt like this before sir”.
“Just enjoy it Jenni, you’re doing great, it’s just you and me darling, no one will ever know of this, just relax and do as l say honey ok”.
“Ok sir”.
“Good girl” said the man and continued gorging himself on young pus'sy as the time just ran away. He knew that she should have orgasmed by now and he recognised that she was resisting the ******.
“Jenni don’t be afraid of the ******, just relax and let it flow over you, just let your feelings flow”.
“Yes sir” said Jenni who was afraid to lose control the way she knew she would if she orgasmed. Whenever she *********** she had to bite on her panties or something to stop herself from screaming. However, she took the mans advice and within two minutes her eyes rolled back in her head and she let her ****** explode with his tongue deep inside her pus'sy.
He kept his eager tongue inside her youthful vagina and watched her gorgeous body thrash around in throes of sexual pleasure. What a sight! The healthy bounce of her pert young breasts as she threw her head from side to side swinging her pig-tails joyfully like a Chinese drum. He continued to be transfixed by her erotic beauty as the climax of her ****** passed and her body settled down and she threw her head back trying to catch her breath. Her slippery thighs relaxed their grip around his face and perspiration glowed between her breasts with her youthful cheeks fully flushed with colour. Her glistening brown eyes looked down at him timidly and she bit her bottom lip almost ashamedly, but nonetheless fascinated at the sight and feeling of his mouth around her most sacred area. He continued licking her out as the quivering aftershocks of her first given ****** shot through her and every last horny girly sigh escaped her.
“Good girl” he told her as he planted a big kiss on her pus'sy and then stood up. Her eyes caught sight of the big bulge in his khaki shorts and a shiver ran through her. She felt dirty and ashamed lying there, slouched over his sofa completely naked, but the electricity of her ****** still rang pleasantly around her body and made her feel amazingly relaxed and excited.
He removed his watch and shirt revealing quite a hairy chest. He was reasonably fit for a man of his age. Then he pulled down his shorts and his semi-erect coc'k sprang up and lolled too and fro, his uncircumcised head generally pointing at Jenni.
“Oh my god”.
“Is this your first time seeing a coc'k Jenni?” he asked, with hands on hips, proud of his man-hood and turned-on at how she stared at him so.
“Yes sir” she said turning away nervously.
“Nice. Hey don’t be shy, you have a good look sweetie, here give me your hand” he reached down to her and helped her up so that she was sitting on the edge of the sofa just a few inches from his swinging coc'k as he stood over her.
“Now it’s your turn honey” he said, putting his hands back on his hips, a wicked grin coming over his face.
“I’m not sure.....l mean l haven’t ever done anything’s just l don’t know if like....”
“Shhh shhh shhh sweetie, don’t worry, just do whatever you feel is natural”.
She reached up, “no sweetie, don’t use your hands”.
“Oh ok sir. I’m not sure if....” she started again, feeling all flustered and embarrassed. She could smell his coc'k so strongly and she traced every vein with her eyes as she struggled with the good girl within her. The devil inside was winning the battle.
“What do you think l might like baby-girl?” he said trying to help her nervousness, but enjoying it at the same time.
“For me to kiss it sir?”
“Well try it sweetie, just experiment and explore, do whatever you feel is sexy”.
“Yes sir” she said before leaning closer and kissing his tip.
“Yessss” he said looking down at her as she looked up for approval with innocent puppy dog eyes.
She kissed up and down his shaft and then she let her tongue play along the sides and underside of his coc'k, feeling it throb on her lips and tongue. She licked his tip and his coc'k grew slightly and his pee-hole eased through his foreskin. She licked there, he tasted so strong. It was a dirty taste but a thrilling taste all the same and since she got the best reaction from him when she licked his pee-hole she began to concentrate on it, licking it over and over like a lollipop. Then she placed her soft tender lips around his tip and held his coc'k steady while using her tongue to lavish it.
“You look so beautiful with my coc'k in your mouth sweetie” he said stroking her hair and cheek.
She went down further on it until her mouth was full and curled her tongue around every inch then after a few minutes she withdrew.
“Is this ok sir?” she asked.
“You’re doing great baby” he said guiding her head back to his coc'k whereupon she opened obediently and allowed his coc'k back into her warm wet mouth. She didn’t think to suck of to move her lips back and forth and so he lasted for a good half an hour before her constant licking and just the reality of having such a gorgeous young girl naked on her knees with his coc'k in her mouth saw the build up of a huge ****** and the man braced himself but gave no warning to Jenni as his ****** hit with a glorious magnitude and sent cu'm spurting directly into her mouth.
Jenni was shocked and she spluttered on his cu'm, swallowing most and then as she recoiled a load spurted up the side of her nose and then another hit her lips and chin.
“Keep it in your mouth baby” he ordered and she put her mouth back around it as a final spurt shot down her throat and she continued licking his tip.
“Wow! You’re such a good girl Jenni”.
Jenni tried to smile as his coc'k went limp in her mouth and every drop of cu'm in her mouth had been swallowed.
“How did you like the taste of a man’s cu'm sweetie?”
“It kind of tastes like nothing else sir” she said lovingly licking around his drooping pen'is, “but kind of nice and it feels so velvety”.
“Good girl” he said, “it’s great for your skin too” he added as he reached down and rubbed the cu'm on her face into her skin and rubbed a globule over her lips like lip-balm. “That was a really good try baby-girl, and later l’ll teach you how to do it like a real **** ok?”
“Yes sir”.
“But for now l think you’re ready for me to pop your cherry. Do you know what that means honey?”
“Yes sir, it means to take a girls virginity”.
“That’s right Jenni. Do you think you’re ready?”
“Bit scary sir, but l guess”.
“Good girl” he said and lay her back on the sofa and knelt down between her legs once more, this time pulling her pus'sy to the edge of the sofa close to him and lay his limp coc'k on her lips. He leant over and sucked and licked her breasts and kissed her passionately, alternating between nipple and mouth. As he did this she felt his coc'k stir and harden bit by bit against her sensitive *****. Then he knelt upright and held his **** and rubbed it up and down her slit, enjoying the feel of her silky smooth tight wet virgin pus'sy on his dirty old coc'k. He checked the clock, it was still only 3pm. He revelled in the thought of still having three hours left with his sexy new little plaything. This was going better than in his wildest dreams!
“You’re so wet darling, are you ready to feel coc'k inside you for the first time baby?”
“Yes sir”.
“Tell me”.
“I’m ready to feel your coc'k inside me sir, my first ever coc'k sir”.
“Mmmmm” he said feeling his coc'k stiffen at her words. Then he put pressure on her lips until her tight lips gave way to allow his tip to pop inside her making her cry out.
“It’ll only hurt for a moment sweetie, just enjoy the sensation, here, open your eyes, watch me break you in” he said and she propped herself up again on her elbows and watched with amazement as he held her thin waist tightly and gently eased his coc'k deeper into her.
“It’s so big!” she whispered.
She was so tight around him, gripping his coc'k like a soft vice as her body tensed up and paralysed her into that position. She dare not move.
Still with hands on her waist to hold her steady he smiled with lust as he watched his coc'k enter her more and more. He looked up at her innocent young complexion and saw her biting on her bottom lip to try and prevent herself from screaming and to assuage the pain. He reached down and picked up her panties and passed them to her.
“Here Jenni, bite on them and it’ll feel easier”. She did as he asked and he smiled even more at how cute she looked naked on his **** with her pretty little girly panties in her mouth. Then he made the final push and his last inch disappeared into her and she flung her head back and her mixed cries of pleasure of pain were muffled beautifully by her skimpy undies. She looked back at him and he reached out and removed the panties from her mouth.
“That’s it sweetie, l’m right inside you honey, you’re no longer a virgin, how does it feel?”
She opened her mouth to talk but her emotions and feelings were so overwhelming that she couldn’t get any words out.
“Don’t worry Jenni, just lie back and relax and the pain will go and then you can enjoy your first fuc'k”.
She flopped back and closed her eyes and he paused deep inside her and played with her breasts and caressed her perfect flesh until bit by bit he felt her tight pus'sy muscles relax around his coc'k and then he began to ease out of her and then push back into her, very slowly at first but building up the rhythm, allowing his coc'k to retreat from her right to the end of his tip before delving all the way into her down to his balls again. She cried out and moaned with pleasure as he thrust into her, altering his speed and every few minutes giving her ten or twenty short thrusts where he only allowed his tip to fuc'k her, this built up her anticipation and pleasure before thrusting deep into her and blowing her mind. For Jenni, the room was spinning, she was seeing stars before her eyes and her heart was pounding. She could hardly get her breath but the feeling of naughtiness and ecstacy ravaged her body and she didn’t want it to stop.
He wore a smile from ear to ear as he confidently powered into her, occasionally with hands on his hips and occasionally reaching down and holding her budding young breasts. With experienced women, women in his league so to speak, he was very self conscious and mostly uninspiring and unsatisfied when it came to sex. However, he had found that with young inexperienced girls he could relax and dominate the situation. Draw it out and enjoy every second to the maximum safe in the knowledge that the girl had no benchmark, nothing to compare against to judge if what was happening was normal or not. Jenni for example was easily controlled due to her nervousness and naivity combined with her embarrassment, curiosity and eagerness to please and impress. So in affect, she was his toy to play with.
He held her slim waist and droplets of sweat splashed onto her toned tummy and he watched as they accumulated and ran into her cute little belly-button. The sweat suggested that he was exhausted but he Then he looked down to her beautiful pus'sy and watched his rock-hard shaft pumping her, glistening with her pus'sy-juice. Each time he came close to ******* he stopped fuc'king her and paused deep inside her warmth until he regained control. This allowed him to fuc'k her brains out, he was driving her crazy and he felt like a God. He angled his hips, sending his coc'k into her at angles, opening up new realms of pleasure for her until he could hold back no more. He dropped down onto her, nipple to nipple and tucked his head into the nape of her neck, his hips thrust back and forth into her quivering body as the smell of her hair consumed him and he erratic sighs and cries of lust deafened him as her short breath blew against his ear.
“I’m going to cu'm inside you sweetie” he whispered in her ear, “would you like that?”
“Yes sir” she panted.
“Good girl. Tell me what you want sweetie”.
“For you to cu'm inside me sir”.
“Good girl. Here it comes baby. Oh god l’m going to cu'm in your virgin pus'sy darling. Ahhhhhhhhh!”
“Jenni cried out as she felt his already rock-hard coc'k stiffen further and it felt like he grew even more inside her just before his muffled moans of delight and then she felt the first spurt of warm cu'm deep inside her and it sent her over the edge, just like the straw that broke the camel’s back. Her ****** rushed over her as she felt more and more cu'm spurt into her, the motion of his hips unceasing and the penetration of his coc'k unrelenting. She screamed, he cried out, the room was spinning, their breath was gasping and the feeling of total sexual ecstacy entirely overwhelmed them both as she wriggled sensuously beneath him until the feelings subsided and they both quietened down and came to a stop with his slowly shrinking coc'k still inside her.
“Wow, you are great Jenni. And you’re no longer a virgin” he told her as he kissed her trembling lips and looked deep into her puppy-dog eyes.
He moved her lengthways along the sofa and as he did so his satisfied coc'k slipped from her freshly fuc'ked pus'sy, then he lay beside her and hugged her, fondling her firm smooth bum as she wriggled into him, their warm naked bodies in a spooning embrace.
“Oh my god, l cant believe that just happened" she whispered, almost to herself.
“Oh it happened baby-girl, it happened in a big way” he smiled and stroked her hair. “God you’re so beautiful and young”.
“You’re older than dad sir”.
“Yes sweetie, and you still let me cu'm in your pus'sy and mouth, what would your daddy say!?”
“He would kill me”.
“I’m sure he would. Which is why our little secret should never leave this room”.
“Totally!” she confirmed.
He smiled and squeezed her supple ar'se.
“He would want to kill me too for taking advantage of his special little girl”.
“I guess”.
“But it feels good to be so naughty for a change right Jenni?”
“Yes sir in a way”.
“I bet you’re always a good girl”.
“I am, l really am, this is so not me sir”.
“It’s just a new experience Jenni. Why don't you look at the camera and say hi daddy just for fun".
He felt her body tense.
“The cam-corders are on?”
“Of course Jenni, but don’t worry, not a soul will see the tapes l assure you”.
“Oh my god, so all that is recorded? And still recording now?”
“Yes sweetheart, but those tapes are for me alone so don't be troubled" he stroked her hair until she calmed down. "Now say hi daddy to the cameras like l asked" he said quite forcefully.
She felt so ashamed and kind of dumb, but she looked to one of the cameras.
“Hi daddy!”
“Good girl, now wave and say hi daddy, Mr.Marron has broke me in and cu'm in my pus'sy and mouth”
“Hi daddy, Mr.Marron has broke me in and cu'm in my puss'y and mouth” she said as instructed, waving happily.
“That’s so bad” he chuckled as he felt his coc'k stir once more.
Jenni’s mind was racing as she lay there naked and breathless on her side with his big hairy body spooning her and his coffee breath on her neck. A whole new world had been opened to her and she knew it was bad but she had to admit, at least to herself, that it felt great. Then his hand stroked up her tummy and held her breast and she felt his soft coc'k twitch and begin to grow up between her bum cheeks. Oh my god she thought, it’s still not over!
“We still have just enough time for me to show you how to give a blow'job properly” he whispered in her ear, “is that ok with you sweetie?”
“Yes sir” she whispered, fighting with an inner voice which told her that what she was doing was really bad and that he was using her. But this inner voice was silenced by her desire to please him. Her overwhelming urge to be submissive and obedient and the urge to be a bad girl for once in her life. ‘I’d like that’ she added.
He grinned and his coc'k stiffened further, lifting hard against her smooth firm young buttocks.
He stood and moved her to the floor on her knees and stood over her, his semi-erect coc'k swinging before her eyes. She knelt with her hands rested patiently on her slender thighs looking up at him obediently.
“Open your mouth little girl” he told her, “say ahhhhhh” he instructed.
“Ahhhhhhhh” she said as he moved closer and with hands on hips he guided his coc'k slowly into her welcoming mouth whereupon her soft tender lips closed around it and allowed it deep inside. He felt her wet warmth like heaven and his coc'k was soon fully erect. He reached down and played with her hair and stroked her gorgeous face.
“Ok sweetie, l want you to lick my coc'k just like you did last time but only this time l want you to suck me at the same time ok?”
“Um hmm” she managed.
“Good girl, give it a try now”.
Her sweet young mouth started sucking him and it felt amazing although she wasn’t holding his coc'k tightly and air was escaping and making a silly squelching noise.
“You need to hold my shaft tighter with those pretty little lips sweetheart so you can suck me harder, ok” he told her stroking her cheek.
“Um hmm” she said before her lips tightened and she began sucking like a dream. He saw her cheeks cave in and out with the suction. God she was beautiful! Plus he told himself that he had already shot his load twice and so this would be a long slow drawn out affair, great news for him, not so good for her.
“Very nice baby, now keep those lips tight but move them back and forth, up and down my coc'k......yessss just like that, keep licking baby, yessssss good girl, just like that, keep that going baby” he told her and she obediently sucked him slow and passionately with her hands on her lap while he adjusted the cam-corders to get shots of her coc'k-sucking from as many angles as possible. He couldn’t wait to show his online pervert friends the tapes. He loved showing off his conquests.
“Wave to daddy sweetie” he told her and she obliged as she sucked him.
“Hello Jenni’s dad! Your special little daughter loves sucking my coc'k” he grinned to the camera, “don’t you Jenni?”
“Um hmm”.
“Ahhhhhh, if your dad could see you now baby” he chuckled before enjoying a few more minutes of her oral loving.
He removed his coc'k from her eager mouth, "stick out your tongue baby", Jenni followed instructions and he rubbed the tip of his coc'k on her soft warm tongue. Pleasure shot through him like ecstacy. Then he slapped his coc'k against her tongue and wiped his dirty old member all over her glorious complexion. What a sight for sore eyes! His stiff disgusting old coc'k rubbing against such tender beauty. Over her glowing cheeks and cute little nose, into her eye sockets, forcing her nervous eyes to close. Across her forehead and through her beautifully soft and silky brown hair. Then he guided it back into her pretty little mouth and she instinctively picked up where she had left off; gripping tight and sucking hard, coating his coc'k once more with her oral juices which allowed her lips to glide angelically back and forth on his shaft.
“Deeper sweetie” he told her, “let it right in until you can’t anymore”.
She managed another inch and he felt his tip meet the back of her throat.
“Good girl, hold it like that for a while”.
She looked up at him and tried to continue sucking as she stopped bobbing back and forth and she let her tongue play along the underside of his coc'k.
“Very nice sweetheart, now l’m going to face-fuc'k you for a while ok baby?” he asked in a way that was clearly more informing her of what was going to happen rather than asking for assent.
She knelt at his feet obediently as his big hands closed around her head and her pounding heart began to race even more. She had gone way past being troubled by her own pride. She had came to terms with the complete loss of dignity. She was completely naked, this stranger, this dirty old pervert, had his erect coc'k in her mouth, saliva and pre-*** glistened and drooled from around her mouth, dribbling down her chin with the occasional drip down onto her pert young breasts, and yet she felt alive and excited. She got a thrill from seeing how she could make an adult man feel so good and she had never before felt sexy. She liked the feeling of being sexy. Not just cute and pretty. Sexy. She fought bitterly with the urge to put her hand between her legs, her ***** was tingling like mad but she resisted. She could not yet bring herself to admit that she was enjoying it but she knew in the back of her mind that that was a harsh truth that would have to be dealt with at some point.
He held her head still and began rocking his hips, sending his coc'k slowly deep into her mouth and then allowing it to ease back out until she barely held the tip on her pursed lips before driving it gleefully back in deep, feeling it slide along her tongue to the back of her mouth. He increased the pace and delighted in the unflattering squelching and slurping that his actions were forcing.
“Look up at me Jenni, all the time, l want to see those beautiful eyes while l fuc'k your mouth ok baby?”
“Yes sir” she said taking a breath before he moved her head back to his coc'k and continued using her mouth. His **** was ringing with pleasure as she opened her disgraced eyes and locked eye contact with him while he degraded her. On a few occasions he felt his ****** rising, threatening to become out of control. When this happened he paused in mid-flow and waited with greedy patience, enjoying the scene until the threat of ******* died down leaving him free to draw out the face-******* for as long as possible. He started angling his hips, sending his stiff coc'k into her cheeks and he watched with great pleasure as her pretty cheeks bulged out with the force. The time flew by as he used her in this way and he realised that half an hour had already passed. He let go of her head and ceased thrusting into her face, allowing his coc'k to ease out of her mouth so that just his helmet was left in her mouth, her lips closed around it nicely with her instinctively continuing to suck it and snake her tongue around it like a lollipop. Then with one hand nonchalantly on his hip he reached down with his right hand and began to ********** his shaft gently.
“Good girl, now keep it in your mouth just like that sweetie, keep on sucking and licking until l tell you to stop do you understand?”
“Um hmm”.
“Good. Pretty soon l’m going to ****** in your mouth baby-girl and this time l want you to swallow everything that comes out ok?" he instructed her whilst wanking his shaft with his tip subjected to electrifying pleasure, buried in her obedient young mouth.
Without warning he let his gargantuan ****** rise up and explode sending huge waves of pleasure through his lucky body and he watched her shocked expression as he released spurt after spurt of cu'm directly into her mouth. To his delight he watched her gulp each load down while her tongue still worked well on him and she persisted in sucking passionately. His ****** went on and on, her beauty carried it. He continued wanking every last drop of cu'm and every shiver of ecstacy from his coc'k until eventually the ****** relented and subsided, at which point his ************ hand left his coc'k and went to his hip and he watched her adorably continue to suck and lick, even when his exhausted coc'k had gone limp.
He almost felt sorry for her for a few moments in his post-****** haze, but that feeling didn't last and he let her suffer the indignity of pleasuring him for a further five minutes until he withdrew and allowed her to lie back on the sofa and get her breath back.
He pulled on his shorts, his smile painted across his face. He stared unashamedly at her gorgeous young naked body and grinned as she wiped the traces of him from her mouth and rubbed her aching knees.
“That was amazing Jenni, that is sure to have earned you a place on my books, l’m looking forward to a long and prosperous working relationship with you” he smiled.
She managed a wry smile and he felt then that he wouldn't actually be seeing her again. 'What the hell' he thought, it was well worth it for some of the best sex he had ever had.
She took a deep breath and gathered up her clothes and slowly got dressed. Her head was in a spin. She had never felt that way before and although it had all been a bit of a blur she had learned a lot about herself this day. Some of her actions had been as she had secretly suspected of herself. She knew that within her was a spark for being naughty. As a kid she had noticed this but since becoming a young adult she had subdued these urges and had thought that they were gone forever. Today had proven otherwise. But maybe these naughty urges should now be re-buried, for good!
There was an awkward silence as she dressed and then made for the door.
“I’ll be in touch Jenni and we can finalise the details, ok hunni?”
“Yes sir” she said, in a way that confirmed to him that that would be the end of their whirlwind romance.
“Good girl, you take care now" he smiled as he let her out and watched her amble out of the chalet park and out of sight. Then he turned to his cam-corders and gathered them together taking them to his car, locking his chalet behind him to return home where he would spend the evening editing the recordings together. ‘Maybe I'll add a music soundtrack to it' he thought with a smile.
Jenny decided to walk home rather than get the bus. She was struggling with this overload of feelings and emotions. Of course it would have to stay a complete secret. She couldn’t bear the thought of others knowing what she had done, that was for certain.
She reached the park near her home and took the shortest way home straight through. As she passed through the park she was aware of how empty it was, not a soul there. She felt ashamed but she couldn't resist and longer and she let her hand slip down the front of her shorts where she touched her tingling pus'sy and an automatic sigh escaped from her mouth. God it felt so good. She looked around apprehensively, still not a soul in sight. She left the path and forced her way through a hedgerow to a lightly forested area beyond. Once there the fresh smell of nature filled her lungs, such a contrast to the stuffy smell of sex in the chalet. She looked around again and the dense hedgerow hid her from any paths and although the trees here weren’t very densely planted she felt enough privacy to undo her shorts and let them drop to her ankles. Then she peeled down her damp panties to her knees and leaned back against a tree and began rubbing her pus'sy. It felt great. She kept her eyes on alert at first but soon the pleasure had built so much that she risked closing her eyes and bathing in the sexual pleasure that she was giving to herself. The taste of his coc'k was still strong in her mouth and she naughtily licked more of his taste from her lips and from around her mouth. She let a finger slip inside her tight pus'sy and she was overcome with lust, as she played with herself she lifted her vest top up over her breasts and caressed them as she worked up a great ******. A few more minutes and it ripped through her, ravaging her hard body, making her quietly cry out in sheer joy, her legs trembling and her body shaking.
Then all was quiet. She felt dirty and ashamed. She pulled up her knickers and her shorts and pulled her top down over her breasts and ran through the trees. She finally came to the hedgerow on the other side and pushed through back out onto the path, short of breath. She wasn't far from home now. She felt a strong desire to get back to her bedroom and try and forget about what had happened but a noise interrupted her. It was the rustling of bushes. She looked back further down the path and saw a man dressed in green push through the hedge too. The park keeper! He paused about fifty metres away and looked at her. He smiled.
‘Oh my God! Had he seen?’ she thought. Then she panicked and turned and ran towards home. She avoided any conversation with mum and dad, took a glass of juice and disappeared into her bedroom. She lay back on her pink duvet amongst a gathering of cuddly toys and tried to make some sense of her wild day.

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