Older Men ...

I love "older" mature men ... in business suits ... yum ...

I can't explain why ... never cared for "boys" my age ...

"Grown men" are just too sexy!!
HalinaLove HalinaLove
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*****, ive read your stories. youre in it to bleed some older guy of his money. they have names for ******* like you. youre fake. and i hate fake people.

And I am sure they love you!

You need to have about six sugar daddies to keep you fullfilled. Be good and often. Have fun while you can, speard the fun around. Live for the moment.

i was the same way...especially the black men...

i had sex with a man 36 years older than me when i was 22. He was great.


i agree with the older man in a suit idea, so hot! x

Totally ;)

the only thing you like is ****

I hope there is not a too old. Add me please

Add me, I am an older man ;)

This is not good at all. Young girls should date youngs guys.....that's all there is to it. Halina you need to becareful on here!!! plzz

Hi ;)

I am careful, thx .... but you don't choose who your are attracted too ... you know ...

I'm not a suit type older man, I'm a tradie who is good with his hands and knows a thing or two about tools...

I like that you like older men so lets get to know each other

OK ;)

So tell me what do you like to do. Do you like guys with tattoos, piercings you know. Im not a creep so dont worry ok message me and let me know

I have tried to get to know you but you never get back to me. But I would like to get to know you better so if you want message me back.

Good you like older, mature men-:)<br />
<br />
I'd like to be included in your circle.