Love Older Men

Ive always loved older men don't know why they just always caught my attention any one my age or younger just never seemed mature enough and if they are in a suit wow it's just really attractive to me I love me some older men :)
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2 Responses May 9, 2012

As an older man, and I'm sure many older men can relate, younger woman are wide open to the world. They LOVE to laugh, talk, free with a smile, they care about their appearance, they talk about things that are interesting and they know how to listen and they always have a sparkle in their eye.<br />
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The younger women I have met, who like older guys, ALL have high IQ's.<br />
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For younger women, they realize that older men don't adhere to the 'bro's before ho's' mentality. We respect and love women. IDK, that's just how I feel... and I have crushed on many younger women. Older guys have respect, courtesy, and care about feelings.<br />
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Guys? Agreed?

I agree... I can't say I'm not attracted at all to men my age or younger, but I tend to be most drawn to men that are older. I especially like if they are bald, and have a hairy chest! I have no clue why, but that really catches my attention!!!

Sounds like a good thing.. check out my profile and let me know.