I Like Older Men

During the week the lake is so peaceful and empty. It’s a perfect place to relax and get a great tan without being hassled.
My bf Cindy was out on the lake with me for the day. We were anchored off a small island when we heard another boat pulling up almost besides us. We were laying there facedown and topless. We both looked up and saw that it was the fisherman we had met earlier at the gas dock. He called over to us, and with a big smile on his face said, “You know, you’re anchored over my favorite fishing spot.” Cindy and I both laughed when he said, “Okay, you can stay.” He then laughed too.
He was cute, charming, and good looking. He was probably in his 50s. Yes, I have a thing for older guys. Cindy, who usually doesn’t go for older guys liked him too. We both felt extremely comfortable around this man we had only met maybe a half hour earlier. So much so that when it came time to turn over we did so freely. Before we knew it, we were moving about the boat topless like it was totally normal.
He was standing in his boat, making like he was fishing. He had a great view of us and we could tell he was really enjoying the view, I mean the fishing, despite the fact that I don’t think he even had a bite. Every so often he would offer to help with our sun tan lotion, but we didn’t take him up on his offers. It was fun working the lotion over my own breasts with him watching. It felt so great being there totally relaxed and topless in front of this older guy fully knowing that he was loving the sight of my breasts and Cindy’s too. I could almost feel his eyes gently massaging my breasts.
At one point he asked us if we ever tanned totally naked. Cindy didn’t hesitate and replied, “Yes”, as she quickly removed her bottom exposing her beautifully shaved *****. Seeing her like that even made me hot. I looked over and could tell that the bulge in his shorts was growing. At that point he said, “I need to cool off. How about a dip?” Cindy jumped in and so did he, but not before he ******** down. ( I love the sight of a growing ****.) I didn’t join them. I know Cindy and I know that she probably already had her hands full. lol So, I layed back down and let her have her fun. When I did look over I could tell she was giving him a hand job.
When I thought they were done, they back climbed out of the water and onto his boat. He was still hard. I knew what was going to happen next and decided not to watch. But, I couldn’t help myself as my boat began gently rocking because of the disturbance they were causing on a normally flat lake. When I looked over she was on top of him riding him like a real pro. I was so jealous! Had I gone into the water it might have been me riding that old stud. Lol
Opportunities like this one don’t come around often. So I’ve decided that should there ever be a “next time”, I’ll be sure to go in the water.
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Thanks for that.

I am sooo taking up fishing. Can you advise me on how to handle my rod?

Hmmm, I don't suppose you give lessons do you? I have a perfect place for you to sit while you teach.

I'll bring an apple and rapidly expanding rod. How can I keep teacher happy

you my dear i would call a spice of life keep it up

He's probably still disappointed about the one that got away...

Very hot story. Makes this older guy smile and hard

I have been fishing since I was a kid. Never had an experience as cool as this. I did troll into a cove once where two girls were skinny dipping. Their boy friends made them get out of the water til I left though. Mostly catch boob shots of girls on docks from a distance. :o)

This is the second time I've mentioned this... you sould have gone for it! :o)

For some reason, I find that easy to believe. :o)

Love the story...I'm sure he would have been glad to share himself! :)

Great story - lets go fishing!

I knew I.should.be fishing.more!

so true about the missed opportunities... hate when that happens! :D

Us older guys generally have a thing for young girls ! i personally am a true *** lover , sucker and *** ****** ! i also love to suck stiff thick nipples and areolas as a busty hot babe is riding my **** , fast and hard, to get us both off ! plus , us older gentleman know how to please busty beauties like you and cindy ! take the chance next time babe ! growl! oh yeah !

Great story. I'm older n hard. Hehe

Very nice story. I might have to take up fishing! I'm a few years older... wanna go for a swim? ;)

well sure hope it happens for you again know it would if I was closer to you I love to fish....

Let me guess (hope)... Lake Norman?

Both of you should have jumped in - as a fisherman I can tell you that it isn't often that you catch two fish on one line.

All the more reason to get that boat have been wanting.

Old guys everywhere thank you and your friend

Such a hot & beautiful story! And glad that you weren't neglected!

You can ride me anytime.

Great story! Anytime you need a "fisherman" just give me a yell! Lol. Love to be added as a friend if you're interested. Dx

Okay...what the heck. Where the hell are you girls in real life? I mean...it's like big foot, I've heard of them...but I've not actually seen them. There should be a social club strictly for girls that like older guys. You know...make it easier on everyone.

What a cool story I like it a lot,next time you will take advantage of the situation I can tell.Awesome story thank you.

I will say that in life awesome opportunities like that rarely happen.I have blown a few in my time too.I reflect on them often and try to figure why I didn't just go for it but I can't come up with any answers.

im sure there will be a next time

I enjoyed reading your story. It was well written, exciting. Thanks for sharing

Makes all of us older guys excited!

I am a big bass fishermen and an older man. I have never had the luck of seeing any female sunbathing on deck topless. I should say, I have not driven my boat close enough to make sure. I usually always see a male present in the boat so I never interfere. Maybe I should reconsider, but on the other hand, I am a serious bass fisherman.

I always have binoculars with me in the boat. I will start checking out the sunbathers but will try not to be a "dirty old man" but just one who appreciates beauty and a woman's body. Your breast are magnificant!

*sigh*<br />
<br />
Wish it was my boat, my lake, and my fishing spot... even though I don't fish.

From your story, it sounds like he caught what he was fishing for. ;-)