Innocence And Corruption

My boyfriend is 8 years older than me. He's still pretty young but we're still far enough apart (and look it) that it has the stigma. I love that. I like older men because there's that stigma attached to it, and the whole corruption/innocence thing. I like feeling like a bad girl for doing all the things I shouldn't be doing :P My bf is so understanding and patient and sweet, so much different than guys my age. At first I thought it was just because he was older, and while that might be it partially, I've realised that it's just his character, and I'm so lucky to have him. He also likes the fact that he's older and I'm younger, and I love how he can't get enough of my body haha.
Another thing about older men is the success aspect. It's natural to look for a mate that seems able to care for any potential children, and older men are often times more suited to it than younger. My bf likes wearing suits so that definitely helps :P I love it when he takes me and pins me down, seeing the look in his eyes, he gets primal and it's so so hot. He loves to be rough with me, and I'm really small so it feels wonderful to have him completely overwhelm me and everywhere all at once, I love feeling both vulnerable and protected when I'm with him. I feel like older guys generally are more understanding and able to connect on a deeper level than younger guys.
XxAmeliaxX XxAmeliaxX
18-21, F
May 10, 2012