My Husband Is 10 1/2 Years Older Then Me.

He is 37 and I am 26. He feels like a dad for me because of the things he does for me and he takes care of the bills now and the finances. He fired me from them couple years ago because he felt it was too stressful for me and he couldn't take my money obsessions and I would chew him out for literally spending a dollar on something that was not a bill.

My ex was 17 and a half years older than me but he had poor money management and there were too many flaws with him so we split up.

My first ex was three months younger than me and he was not ready for adult life and he wanted to be home and play on the computer and never got off unless he ate or went to bed or showered. It was like raising a teen than having a boyfriend.

I don't mind older men just as long as they aren't too old.
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Cool as, I love someone ten years older but wecan never be together, his daughte close to my age than I but we'r cool, hes still married but hates her, hes stopping me move forward in life, cos all we do is drink together, he is my men–tor but two years counting.. iv got to help mysel f, it may all be a fantasy<br />
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If all you are worrying about is who pays the bills then consider yoursekf lucky

I agree. I think the age difference between you and your hubby is so cute:) The guy that was younger than you sounds really immature....that is sad.